Friday, 25 November 2016

Changes animation

Samoa's changes animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This term we have been learning about science experiment and what soild, liquid and gas. we had to  create a animation about the 3 main state of matter. hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Problem Solving

WALT: Solve proble using algebraic equations.

We have been learning about algebra, by using an unknown amount usually shown a letter.

My Triangles

WALT: Use measure angles using a protractor.

We have been learning about measuring angles. We learned about degrees, angles and points.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Angles pt 2

WALT: Describe and labels angles.

We have been learning about angles, like right angle and also left angles, and also the degrees.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Chips Experiment

We had to do the chips experiment. There were two sorts of different chips, which was regular potato chips, and unsalted potato chips. The boys had the regular potato chips, and the girls had unsalted potato chips. First we had to read the instructions, the first step was to crush the chips with a rolling pin, unfortunately we had no rolling pin so we had to crush the chips inside the paper. We had to cover it with the grease proof paper. 

Then had to leave the crushed chips on the paper for another two minutes. After the two minutes had finished we had to shake the chips off the graph paper. Next we used a pencil to draw around, the oil stain that the chips have left on the graph. If you hold the paper up against the window to let the light through. We then had to compare the unsalted potato chips, and the regular potato chips, to see the size of the two stains. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My Ancient Olympics

Ancient Olmypics from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Our extension group have been learning about the ancient Greece Olympics. We had to create a movie about the olympics.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Wild Adventure

One beautiful sunny day Max and his friend Annie walking to school. Max and Annie were partners for their project about caves. As they got to class, their teacher asked both of them “have you both finished you project yet”? Annie replied and said “ no”. Mrs Berry said “ you have until next week to finish your project”. As they both looked at each other with a scared face feeling nervous that they haven’t figured anything out yet. It was almost time for morning tea. The bell rang they both ate their lunch, they had free period. So they were working something out for them project.

So they Annie was thirsty and they both went walking to the shops, as they went to the shop Max looked back and saw a cave across the road, but Annie came out of the shop she had saw him walking the cave, and she shouted and said “Max wait up”. As they both the caves they felt excited but at the same time they were scared because it was too long and too dark. So Annie said “ I’m too scared can we come back tomorrow”. Max replied “ okay”. As they ran back to school walking to class 19 for there maths. Max looked at Annie, he thought that she would’ve been happy but then as he looked at her, she looked scared. The next day Annie got her torch ready to inside the scary and dangerous cave.

Furthermore they were waiting for some Students to walk past them, so that they could walk to the cave. Annie thought this was are Adventure, so they both agreed that this was are adventure just to the cave. As they got to the cave they didn't know that their was a sign, and it said Please be careful. So they got their torched out and started walking. As they both making sure that the other person was safe, they were almost up to the end of the cave. But as they turned back, Suddenly out of nowhere a giant waterman came out of the water and trying to get Max and Annie. As max and Annie started running out the cave, they couldn’t remember where to go because there had been lots of ways to get out but some of them was the way to get to school. So all they remembered was that they go straight ahead and that was it. Moreover all the waterman wanted to do was to keep everybody off of his secret and dangerous cave. So then they never stopped running until they got to school, and told Mrs berry that had have a project done.

But as Annie was scared that they have no proof that they have a project to do. But Max told her that he had videoed it. So Annie felt relieved that he had videoed it all. So then they got to class and told Mrs Berry that they had made a project about caves. And so Max showed Mrs berry the video. And Mrs Berry gave Annie and Max had past their project.

Image Attribution. By Doug Knuth from Woodstock, IL (Son Doong-47) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Behind the door

“Jackie hurry up you are almost late for school”. Jackie woke up his brother Henry, telling him to hurry and get ready for school. Jackie and Henry dashed to their uniforms getting dressed. As they both were running to school, they stopped and saw a scary house, but they both were too scared to check it out. So Jackie said to Henry “ Shall he check it out straight after school”. Henry responded back to Jackie “ Okay”.

Furthermore It was time for morning tea, they both were sitting together and started eating their morning tea. Jackie’s next class was english, and Henry’s next class was science. Henry loved science so he was super pumped about science. But on the other hand Jackie is not really good at english so that pumped about english, It was almost time for lunch. So they both planned to meet at Jackie’s locker and then will get ready to check the scary and haunted house. So henry had a torch in his bag, opened his bag up and got the torch out of his bag. Jackie slightly opened the door and went inside first.

Moreover Henry was too scared to go inside he knew that this house was haunted, but Jackie didn’t know it was haunted. Henry told Jackie that this house was haunted but Jackie didn’t believe him. And said “ I don’t believe you”. Suddenly they were both locked inside the house. And henry said “ Now do you believe me”. And so they both look at each other and screamed for help. It was nearly midnight and they were both still stucked in the haunted house. Jackie and Henry’s parents were worried about them because school was already over but they haven’t came home yet. So their mum called the cops and asked them if they could find my two kids Henry and Jackie.

Jackie and Henry’s big sister was walking outside, as she was walking outside she could hear Jackie’s voice from a long distance.As she saw the haunted house, that was when she knew where they were. And dashed to the haunted house. As she got there she didn’t know what to do, so she kicked the window and Jackie and Henry was now safe, thanks to their sister. So they ran back home and told their mum and dad to call the cops again and tell them that they are okay now.  

And so they never went back to the haunted house again, and they have to get dropped off and picked up from school everyday. And so nothing happened to them ever since the accident.

Image Attribution. By Dennis Brown (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday, 19 September 2016

My Narrative Writing

As she woke up, feeling excited about going camping with his friends like Paige and Ana and the rest of her friends, Even her best friend Sabrina. Until the next day when Emma and her friends went to Lake Tahoe. As her dashed to his parent saying goodbye, then Sprinting to Sabrina, with her bags ready to go to Lake Tahoe. As her had a long drive with all his friends, feeling tired but also super pumped at the same time. As they all sing the wheels on the bus, they start to get tired because they didn’t know that it wasn’t going to be that long. It was almost afternoon but they finally got to Lake Tahoe. They got to choose who they could sleep with so Paige and Ana went together and then Emma and Sabrina went together.

They all got their papers to see what they are going to do first Paige, Ana, Sabrina and Emma was in a group and their first activity was the Kayaking, then Paige, Ana and Sabrina was so excited because that was their favourite thing to do. But Emma didn’t like kayaking because she didn’t know what to do and how to kayak. So they got ready to kayak, and got their clothes ready and their water bottle and swimming togs. As they walked out to the kayaks, Emma said to Sabrina “ I don’t know how to kayak”. And Sabrina respond back to Sabrina and said “ it Alright because I could help you”. So Emma just had a go and she was panicking, but then as she got it, she started to get it and liked it, and so Paige, Ana and Sabrina went left, but Emma went right and didn’t know where she was going.

Furthermore she thought that her friends were following her but, as she slightly turned her body around no one was at the back of her. So she was so scared because she didn’t know where to go. As she tried to turn around she didn’t know that their was a tree that was cut. So as she made her turned she had got stucked because of the tree. So she was screaming and screaming as loud as she could. But luckily Sabrina came looking for Emma, and she found her from a long distance. Sabrina Replied “ Emma where are you”. She Responded and said “SABRINA, SABRINA i’m over here”. So Sabrina Dashed forward and saw her. And Sabrina was a hero and saw Emma and found her.

So they both were relieved that they found each other, and that Sabrina found Emma. So Emma said to Sabrina “ Thank you so much”. As they both were walking back to their tents, and still didn’t want to go back because they didn’t want to ruin the trip. So they skipped Kayaking and did something else like climbing to the mountain. And they had got a full water bottle and was so ready to walk to the top of the mountain. So then it was almost midnight and ran back to the tents ready for the next day. So they went back home the next day, and Emma went to a course about how to kayak better.

We have been Practising on how to write a Narrative writing about Kayaking. So we had plan our own Narrative about kayaking, and I have written a writing about a girl named Emma who doesn't like to Kayak but she gets trapped by a tree. Hope you enjoy my writing.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Boy who Learned to Fly

Usain Bolt was late again! He was always later for school, and was always in trouble too! Good thing he was speedily fast - he could even make it to school on time, but only if he really sprinted to school. Bolt Dashing through houses, heard a bark from a short distance, turning around with a slightly scary shock. Bolt rushing to get to class, Coach looking at his papers, well Usain Sprinted and messed his papers and all his papers messed up. Luckily he made it in time for class.

He didn’t even know he had no lunch, feeling so hungry that he looked at his classmate and saw them having fun with their healthy delicious lunch. Coach ready to munch his food, but as he looked forward to Bolt. As Coach sat down asking him if he wanted his food then he would have to race the fastest kid in school. The look on his face looked scared and nervous that he might lose, and was also taller than bolt. As he blowed the whistle, but the fastest kid was leading in front, but as coach slowly opened the bowl and Bolt went dashing to the tree and won the race against the fastest kid. With an excitement on his face made the coach happy, but then Coach said to the Bolt” maybe you should take this more serious. That was when he knew that he was that fast.

Furthermore he grew and grew and grew and started to become an athlete, and was competing with other athletes and was dashing through people and became a champion. As he knew he was winning so much trophies and medals he was so nervous for his other race because he didn’t know if he could do it or not. But as his mother came in (Jennifer Bolt), and saw Usain Bolt sad and nervous, she came in and told Bolt. That whatever happens you never give up and try your best. He was also scared that he won’t win the race, that even his shoes were not on the right pair, his legs were shaking and was nervous. As his mum made him happy he got up and was walking competitive, ready to run.

As the man was ready to say it, Usain Bolt looked left then right and smiled, the man said “Ready, Set Go. So all the athletes were running and Bolt looked around and saw his mother, then he wanted to make his country and his mum happy, so he dashed to the finished line, and came first again.

WALT: We have been learning about what made Usain Bolt become the fastest person in the world and what made him be the fastest, and who inspired him to run and come 1st in the Olympics. And winning the medals, Trophies and started to get sponsored by Gatorade.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Advice Column

WALT. We have been learning about Athletes and what they do in the morning, we have also been learning about how to give advice to athletes and I had been given a task to give advice to Chris Yoddle because he needs information about money issues. And he also works part time, so I have gave him advice on what to do, and I told Chris that he should make a schedule on what he needs to do and what time does he have to train and when he needs to work and also when to eat his breakfast and what time he needs to go to bed, then get up and get ready to train the Olympics.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Extension Tossing food

Pt England School
130 Pt England Road
Pt England

Thursday 25th August 2016

Dear Prime Minister John Key,

Malo e lelei my name is Samoa I am 10 years of age, and I attend a beautiful school named Pt England School. I am from a beautiful Island called the Kingdom of Tonga. I am a year 6 student and in room 6,7 and 8. I live in Auckland, and I have 3 amazing teacher whose names are Mr Somerville, Mrs Moala and Miss Lavakula.

The purpose of this letter is because I have a complaint to say, I think that people around the world and around Auckland should start thinking about not tossing plastic papers and plastic Bottle into the drain because it is not safe for the animals and it is not safe for the country to be living in. This is so our environment doesn’t get dirty. Otherwise we wouldn’t have stuff like, food, water and all sorts of plastic bags and plastic plates.

Well I was thinking that you may like to gather good people who understands the importance of the environment, to help our community become a better place. And also you may see that it will make the environment a happy place to live in. Well I hope that this letter will make you understand the importance of our pollution.

Your sincerely,
Kind Regards,
From Samoa,

Monday, 29 August 2016

Technology as a Performance Enhancing Drug

So here I will be writing about Performance-Enhancing Drugs. Technology can be considered cheating in the Rio Olympics 2016, because it is not fair on the Other Athletes. Why is Technology is very similar to Performance-Enhancing Drugs?
Well Technology is very similar to Performance-Enhancing drugs because way back in the days in the Olympics Athletes had never used technology, but then now Athletes do use technology to see what can make them faster and how to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal. So that gives them adventures to other athletes that do not use Technology to compete in the Rio Olympics for 2016. Technology and Performance-Enhancing drugs use to have it at the beginning of the Olympics. Well for an example athletes that are doing sprinting, well the kind of shoes they wear, they have spikes underneath to help athletes to run faster and it may help them to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal.
Furthermore why is technology allowed in the olympics but performance-enhancing drugs is not? Well the reason why I think technology should be banned is because it is  very very similar to performance-enhancing drugs. Technology helps athletes to become faster than what they actually are, but technology can also help athletes by beating the world records. So why isn’t performance-drugs allowed in the olympics when it’s similar to technology.
Moreover Technology can be seen as cheating because it’s is very similar performance-enhancing drugs but it is way different because performance enhancing - drugs can do something to your body, and it will not be good because that is the reason why they want performance-enhancing drugs in the Olympics. But technology only helps the outside of your body and how you can do your movement.
Walt: write an effective explanation about why technology can be considered a performance-enhancing drug

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Pie Graphs

My Olympic

What is special about Olympics? Well Olympics is special to people because you can see how athletes do their own sports and also see how athletes show off their talent like sprinting and also like weightlifting they can show off their bulky muscles. And swimming is showing how fast you can swim.  And it is special because it is world’s largest sport organization for adult and also children's. And I also think that Olympics are special because Maybe some kids may follow their dreams to be a athletes. In every four years the Olympics are held.

In every four years the Olympic games are held. Each country competes against other countries. Every athlete trains every day, for an example justin gatlin uses four hyper speed cameras to see how he starts when he starts running, it help justin gatlin to get faster as he is running and the, and they use the hyper speed cameras to look at what kind of position he does as he starts to run. And volleyball they wake up 6:00 in the morning to practice and practice for their big day. And sometimes they practice till 3 or to 4 hours a day.

What is used for athletes to win? It can help Athletes by wearing the right uniform and wearing the right shoes that will make you comfortable to run in. For an example sprinting it could help Athletes by doing the right position as they start off for their run.  And by that it could help you by leading the rest of the athletes to the finish line. That is how Justin gatlin uses his hyper speed to see what could make him faster.

Some Athletes get rewarded for competing and winning a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal. And also showing their skills to the whole wide world, and people screaming and shouting because they are relieved that they came 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. And when they come Gold,Silver and bronze they always get their flag and hold it up to represent their country’s. And Usain bolt always does his special move.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Stem and Leaf Graphs

As you can see me and my partner Sheales has been working on a stem and leafs graphs. Hope you enjoy,Please leave a comment.

Pictograph and bar graphs

Walt: organise data and interpret various data graphs.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Beating the wind

Walt: locate and summarise ideas.
Walt: ask questions after reading to clarify our thinking and discuss what we are still wondering.

Friday, 1 July 2016

My Tongan Warrior Animaition


I have been learning about Maori and Polynesian heroes in traditional stories. I have created my own animated narrative with a Polynesian warrior called Sione.
Sione saves his village with the wisdom passed on to him from his father.
You can enjoy my animated movie above, but you can also click on this link to read my narrative writing more carefully.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My Problem Solving

Tongan warrior - Narrative/story

A long long time ago in Tonga, there was newborn baby who grew to become a strong young warrior. He had been raised by his parents. His father decided to name him Sione after himself. He lived in a beautiful village named Nuku’alofa. Before Sione's father died, he had made him a powerful weapon.

As Sione grew, the leader from the other side decided to kill Sione so that he could get the powerful weapon that Sione’s dad made. Sione knew that enemies wanted him gone. So Sione practiced and practiced every day, so that he would be prepared for battle.

As years went by Sione became a strong leader. But the day soon came when Sione knew he was in danger. The enemy wanted to fight his village for his weapon. The leader from the other side shouted "where is Sione?" So he bravely came outside and said “I am Sione”.

Next Sione grabbed his weapon and began to fight. As they were both fighting Sione felt furious, so then he knifed him the the middle of his stomach and so then all the enemy ran away because they felt terrified.

Finally, Sione looked up the sky and said “Thank you, Thank you for helping me!" The village was now safe and peaceful. Sione was a hero.

As you can see in Extension the Yr 5&6 had created a warrior artwork and i also created a narrative that goes with my warrior. 

Tongan Warrior Narrative - Final

A long long time ago in Tonga, there was newborn baby who grew to become a strong young warrior. He had been raised by his parents. His father decided to name him Sione after himself. He lived in a beautiful village named Nuku’alofa. Before Sione's father died, he had made him a powerful weapon.

As Sione grew, the leader from the other side decided to kill Sione so that he could get the powerful weapon that Sione’s dad made. Sione knew that enemies wanted him gone. So Sione practiced and practiced every day, so that he would be prepared for battle.

As years went by Sione became a strong leader. But the day soon came when Sione knew he was in danger. The enemy wanted to fight his village for his weapon. The leader from the other side shouted "where is Sione?" So he bravely came outside and said “I am Sione”.

Next Sione grabbed his weapon and began to fight. As they were both fighting Sione felt furious, so then he knifed him the the middle of his stomach and so then all the enemy ran away because they felt terrified.

Finally, Sione looked up the sky and said to his father “Thank you, Thank you for helping me!" The village was now safe and peaceful. Sione was a hero.

Monday, 20 June 2016

My tongan warrior narrative

A long long time ago in 1544, there was newborn baby who grew to become a strong young warrior. He had been raised by his Parents. His dad decided to name him Sione. He was named after his dad. He lives in a beautiful village named Nuku’alofa. Before His dad went he made him a powerful weapon that was made for him Sione. As Sione started to grow and grow and became a tennager the leader from the other side wanted him gone so that he could get the powerful weapon that Sione’s dad made. Sione knew that the other side wanted him gone. Sione’s dad went away for a few weeks until he went and never came back.

So Sione practiced and practiced every day, so that when the enemy came he would be prepared for the dangerous battle. As years went on Sione soon turned 19 years old and sadly his dad passed away. So Sione prayed every single day that is dad will guide him as he will be facing the other crew.Sione tried to stay strong, because his father won’t be with him. But also the hardest thing for Sione was trying to stand strong without his dad. As Sione went to sleep he will always dream about his dad every single night. Because that is how he could be strong.

As sione was the leader he thought that he will need to take over his dad’s job for good. But there was another thing that he was wondering was why his father left him and why he couldn't come back. It was almost midnight and the moon was slowly coming up. That was when Sione knew that he will need to pray. After he prayed Suddenly he was pounding fast as. As he went for a drink he could hear a strange noise coming through a short distance. That was when Sione knew he was in danger. As it was coming closer and closer he was hiding his powerful weapon. And that was when he knew that he was in deep danger. So then he called his group and they gathered around him to know what they are doing. And also as he creepily went outside he could hear kids screaming.  As the leader from the other side shouted and said “ i am looking for a boy named Sione. And that was when Sione knew that, he was the one that wanted him gone.

So he bravely came outside and said “yes this is me”. And as the leader from the other side turned around he clapped it hand and replied and said “Well done you are just like your father. As he said “you are just like you father, Sione felt Furious. So then he told his crew to come and then the other crew came too. And so they had begun their match. As they were versing each other Sione and the other leader went face to face with each other. And Sione felt furious but also nervous at the same time. So he got his powerful weapon ready to go at the back of his back. And the enemy got his weapon ready to go. As they had begun their match, Sione’s group had beaten the other crew and the other crew had got defeated.

And so Sione looked up the sky and said “Thank you, Thank you for guiding me as i was battling against the enemy. And as they all were safe, Sione and his crew celebrated because they had saved their village and now there village is now safe and peaceful. But as he was growing he became a hero and he will always remember what he had done to make his dad happy.

Friday, 17 June 2016

My Animation about comic arts

This term team 4 has been learning about comic arts and comic books. I have created a animation showing a comet. We also had to draw a superhero, and my superhero was Super girl. Hope you enjoy my movie. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My Extension work

Bok Choy

This week my group, redbands have been reading a story about Bok Choy. we had to find at least 3 words from the text which we don't understand and define it.

Real life heroes. Two girls helping out Samoa:

  Kelsi and Aleisha helping Schools in Samoa

Have you ever been to Samoa? Well I haven’t, but There are two girls who had been helping schools in Samoa. There names are Kelsi and Aleisha. they are also a year 12 student at feilding high school. They had a holiday to Samoa, after they had arrived back to New Zealand they had realized that they should help Samoan Schools. So Kelsi and Aleisha got busy with their Pens and books. So I am going to tell you how they are a hero.

So Kelsi and Alisha wrote letters to all the primary school’s in felding. And so they had been collecting gears, like old computers and books like old school journey and also sports equipment. The mum was also a teacher at feilding high school, and she had access to all the books that they have not been using. And also Aleisha’s little sister was also helping them as well.

Well Aleisha said that, the reason why they are helping Samoa is because in Samoa, in schools the only thing they pay is their Teachers. So that means the books and the pencils they have they have to fundraise themselves to get more equipment. They went to office max which had plenty of spare things, like books and papers. They had spent two days on sorting things out.

Furthermore Aleisha and Kelsi didn’t know how to send it to Samoa. So they were trying to find a way to ship the stuff to Samoa. One of the air force member was really happy that Kelsi and Aleisha had put these things together for Samoa to use. And now all of the equipment has arrived to Samoa. So now they have Books, Sports gear and old computers. They also have selves to put books on. It was worth 75 thousand all because of Aleisha and Kelsi.

And now after they had finished providing equipment to Samoa, they now say that they are back to messing around.  These are two smart girls who didn’t walk away from this situation. And so that was how they became a hero.

WALT: explain why someone may be considered a hero in real life. 
As you can see i have wrote about 2 high school girls who had helped school's in Samoa. 
Here is the link to the video:

Friday, 10 June 2016

Tips for comic arts

This week my group which is the Red bands, have been learning about how to give tips for Comic Arts. Well we had to spilt up into 3 groups, and I was with Ajani and Richard. So Here is what we have been writing and brainstorming about. 

My NZ Gold Mining

As you could see i have created a Google map  and pined them. It also shows facts about this place. I have done pines from nearly all of the worlds.

My Fab Four

Thursday, 9 June 2016

My Avengers Assemble

Pow! Boom! In 2 years…. Time will run out. There was a evil villain named Loki, He lived in the United Kingdom. He was a bad evil villain he wished he could take over the world. So had an idea that will make him take over the world. Loki had a brother and his name was Thor. Thor was way different to Loki so Thor was way different person compared to Loki. See you know Thor is a good person and Loki is a evil person. (which you should already know)

Furthermore Loki and Thor were getting ready to go to bed. Once they were sleeping the lightning struck and gave them powers so they both were strong and they both got an ability to be invisible. As they got struck by lightning their heart was pounding super fast as the lightning struck them. As Thor woke up he felt so shiftless it felt like he was going to faint. Moreover Thor felt furious he wanted to fight with his own brother Loki so he got his weapons ready to go. So he went to Loki’s house. As he got there he was creeping through his house trying to look for loki.

As Loki was having his sleep he went to the kitchen to make a poison drink for Loki to drink. He woke his brother up. he said his brother woke up and saw him and the drink he held. “Oh brother thanks for the drink” he slowly drank it and immediately fell to the ground. Thor now was known as a murder,the only murder in the Avengers team. The mystery of Loki still goes on but Thor would never tell anybody
To be continued…

Walt: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)

My Descriptive writing

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Divided in parts

WALT: this week we are trying to divided in parts. And convert proper and improper fraction. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Harry's war

Dear Ted,

I know you're happy that the war is over but there is a problem with the boat so i am afraid that you won't be coming home for 2 weeks.  

From Harry

Will he save her

Mary Jane was working as a Lawyer, in New York City. One Beautiful sunny day she had got a call from her boss saying that she had to go to court. Then she was walking back from work. When she got home she went straight to bed. While she was sleeping she could hear a strange noise from outside her door, so she dashed to the door to check if anyone was their.

So then Mary Jane called peter, Peter is her best friend, So then mary Jane asked if he could meet her.As she turned around a evil man, called dracula Sprayed her, and then she fell down. Furthermore the evil dracula dragged mary up top the building. When peter got to mary jane’s door he knocked on the door but no one opened the door.

Peter was waiting outside the door for hour, Peter didn’t know what to do so then he just left. After all that drama mary jane left the past behind. And she wanted to carry on with her life, and also she was working so hard for 4 years she became a professional lawyer.

Monday, 23 May 2016

The Fab Four

Meet adam, he is the predictor. Adam is a brave and is often goes by the name of storm shadow. You might not know but adam is a superhero. He is wearing a blue pants with red stripes on it. He has a blue,red and yellow T - shirt.  The colour of his eyes is hazel and it kinda greenish and also light brown. He is 20 years of age, he has chocolate copper black hair.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Immersion assembly

Kapow! Bang! Kapoof! Yes that’s right we are looking at comic art. Well team 4’s topic is about comic arts! If you are wondering what kind of comic’s I am talking about well it is Marvels and DC. The team 4 teachers were dressed up in superhero like, Team Captain America,Wondering women,Bat guy, Bear Baxendine and Amurter hero! When i sat down i was wondering what would be our topic for term 2. Well i was sitting down i was wondering why Mrs Nua was dressed in a weird costume. Furthermore we sat down and we started watching each teams movies. I was thinking what was our teachers up to now.

As i sat down, my friend’s Javan and Sabrina came and sat next to me. So then we sang the National Anthem, sat down to get ready to watch the team's movies. First was team 1. The movie was about what was their favourite thing. Which was pretty cool. It took ages for our team’s movie. Now on too team 4’s movie.

So then the movie had begin! Bear Baxendine was an evil Bear, that tried to escape with an chromebook, but actually the evil little Bear Baxendine took Bobby jon’s chromebook. The amateur heroes saw Bear Baxendine with bobby jon’s chromebook. But wait 2 amatuer heros spotted bear baxendine with Bobby jon’s chromebook. So then they both went to fight bear baxendine to get Bobby jon’s chromebook.

Moreover the Amatuer heroes were defeated and captured. Bear baxendine tied both of them to a pole. Then one amatuer hero cries “ you wont get away with this”. He replied back and said “Who will stop me”. One of them said “ THE TEACHER VENGERS. Meanwhile three heroes of the teacher vengers came to fight back to get back bobby jon’s chromebook. If you didn't know who they were well they were, Team leader America, Wondering women and bat guy. As they ran to defeat bear baxendine, Bat guy ran over to the 2 amatuer heroes and says “ i’ll get them you get bax. So then wondering women and team leader america replied and said “ On it. While they were running to defeat Bear Baxendine team leader america hits bear baxendine with his shield, POW, he hits bear baxendine so hard he was knocked out.

Bear baxendine went to jail. After that one amatuer hero said to bat guy” WOW bat guy your muscles. Later wondering women says “ Eh Em. So then they laugh and they go back home and sleep.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Narrative writing

Once upon a time on a Saturday in 1982 at 3pm in the afternoon, Mount Pihanga, Mount Taranaki and Mount Everest were fighting in Panmure. The people were arguing over a Mountain called Maungarei in Mount wellington in Auckland.

Mount Taranaki is the oldest, but he doesn’t get into trouble. Mount Taranaki meets Mount Pihanga in Hamilton. One month later, Mount Pihanga heard that she was going to be a mother soon. Once she told Mount Taranaki, Mount Taranaki was so happy. Her stomach was getting bigger and bigger. They had really nice neighbours living across their house.  A few hours later a new born baby boy was born, her name was Everest.

But the problem was Taranaki and Pihanga love her very much. One year later Everest grew up to be a handsome boy. then Mount taranaki and Mount pihanga was growing as well. a few hours later mount Everest wanted to play outside, so he asked Mount Taranaki and Mount Pihanga, and they both said yes. Then Everest said can we all play outside, then they replied back to  Everest “Sure why not”. So then they all went outside to play. it was getting Darker and Darker. So then Mount Taranaki said we should go back inside, so then they said alright. They went back inside and Everest felt tired, so he went to sleep.

9 years later mount Taranaki and Mount Pihanga Started to get furious with each other. But they still loved their handsome boy. But they didn’t know what to do about it. So they battled over Everest to win her beloved heart. once he knew what his parent was going to do, he sad. So then she tried to fix it. and she had an a idea. And it worked. So then they lived happily ever after.

Book review Extension

The Extension group had to create an animation or a presentation about a chapter book and we had to write about that book.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Year 5 & 6 Camp Recount.

Last week we started our Year 5 & 6 camp. I got the opportunity to be leader for one of the camp groups. And with me was Ajani he was a leader as well. We started our camp on Tuesday the 22nd of March. We all had to meet in the hall so that our Principal, Mr Burt can talk to us.

Our first activity was Top town but Mr Jacobsen calls it Killing zone. We had to verse another group and they were the Kind’ a Krazy. If you didn't know what it is well it has a lot of obstacles courses. The first thing we had to do was to Take 3 trays and we had a packet of balloons, and we had to fill them up, then put them in the trays. Then we started to play and we tried to keep dry. And when all of our Water balloons were finished then we had to stop and sit down. The next thing was to use the skinny planks to get across the other side. Next was to go under the taou Pollen and that was no problem. Then Next was the slingshot and it went really well. Then we moved on the the gumboots challenge. We had to throw the gumboots to the same targets we used for the slingshot. And last but not least we had to get as much water from the bucket to the other, By using a sponge. Once we were finished we had to sit back down on the grass.

And it was a tie Between Kindonators and Kind'a Krazys. When then had to line up behind the two leaders. Then we moved on to our next Rotation.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Compared and Contrast

The extension group had a task ask our parent about how they went to school and how learnt and then we had to put it on this Presentation. And that was our homework. If you read it you might see some intresting stuff i have writen about.

Volcano Erupting

This term Team 4 has been learning about Volcanoes. It shows how a volcano erupts. It has a Magma Chamber, Core, Main Vents and the secondary vents.  

voting on the NZ flag

Friday, 1 April 2016

Telling the time

MTV Extension group

Ata Group MTV from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This term the Extension group had to create a MTV movie showing the Pt England WAY and Learn,Create and Share. This is a movie that my group has made showing how to be Kind To Other, also Make Kindness Go Viral. We have created this in the past 5 weeks. The Actors in the movie are Paige,Sheales,Ata,Josh and I Samoa.  Please feel free to visit my blog. Hope you Enjoyed my movie.

Friday, 11 March 2016

My picture

My group which is Redband's, had to create a picture based on this which is " the hunting trail takes them deeper into the valley, where the mountain begins to rise and the river starts it journey. We could also draw it on sumo paint on our chrome books or on hyperstudio. 

Volcano of the world

I created my own Google map and named it volcanoes of the world. I created something that has to do with volcanoes, and I created something that, will includes facts about Volcanoes. So the simple thing is just, Find volcanoes on Google maps, pin them where they are, and then write a fact about it in our own words.

We have been learning to create our own map and find as much volcanoes as we can. It can be in Auckland, Australia, India well around the whole wide world, even under water. This was an easy task to do, we had to give 1 or 2 facts about that volcano, and we had to put a link in to see where we had got that fact from.

I created it by searching up volcanoes and also searching up facts about volcanoes. They is a button to give facts about the volcano I have searched. So then I wrote facts about volcanoes that I have searched up. Then i push share, to check if on (Publish to web). And then once I have pressed done I will need to do one more instruction, which is to copy the URL, so then I could post it on my Blog.