Monday, 20 June 2016

My tongan warrior narrative

A long long time ago in 1544, there was newborn baby who grew to become a strong young warrior. He had been raised by his Parents. His dad decided to name him Sione. He was named after his dad. He lives in a beautiful village named Nuku’alofa. Before His dad went he made him a powerful weapon that was made for him Sione. As Sione started to grow and grow and became a tennager the leader from the other side wanted him gone so that he could get the powerful weapon that Sione’s dad made. Sione knew that the other side wanted him gone. Sione’s dad went away for a few weeks until he went and never came back.

So Sione practiced and practiced every day, so that when the enemy came he would be prepared for the dangerous battle. As years went on Sione soon turned 19 years old and sadly his dad passed away. So Sione prayed every single day that is dad will guide him as he will be facing the other crew.Sione tried to stay strong, because his father won’t be with him. But also the hardest thing for Sione was trying to stand strong without his dad. As Sione went to sleep he will always dream about his dad every single night. Because that is how he could be strong.

As sione was the leader he thought that he will need to take over his dad’s job for good. But there was another thing that he was wondering was why his father left him and why he couldn't come back. It was almost midnight and the moon was slowly coming up. That was when Sione knew that he will need to pray. After he prayed Suddenly he was pounding fast as. As he went for a drink he could hear a strange noise coming through a short distance. That was when Sione knew he was in danger. As it was coming closer and closer he was hiding his powerful weapon. And that was when he knew that he was in deep danger. So then he called his group and they gathered around him to know what they are doing. And also as he creepily went outside he could hear kids screaming.  As the leader from the other side shouted and said “ i am looking for a boy named Sione. And that was when Sione knew that, he was the one that wanted him gone.

So he bravely came outside and said “yes this is me”. And as the leader from the other side turned around he clapped it hand and replied and said “Well done you are just like your father. As he said “you are just like you father, Sione felt Furious. So then he told his crew to come and then the other crew came too. And so they had begun their match. As they were versing each other Sione and the other leader went face to face with each other. And Sione felt furious but also nervous at the same time. So he got his powerful weapon ready to go at the back of his back. And the enemy got his weapon ready to go. As they had begun their match, Sione’s group had beaten the other crew and the other crew had got defeated.

And so Sione looked up the sky and said “Thank you, Thank you for guiding me as i was battling against the enemy. And as they all were safe, Sione and his crew celebrated because they had saved their village and now there village is now safe and peaceful. But as he was growing he became a hero and he will always remember what he had done to make his dad happy.

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