Friday, 11 March 2016

My picture

My group which is Redband's, had to create a picture based on this which is " the hunting trail takes them deeper into the valley, where the mountain begins to rise and the river starts it journey. We could also draw it on sumo paint on our chrome books or on hyperstudio. 

Volcano of the world

I created my own Google map and named it volcanoes of the world. I created something that has to do with volcanoes, and I created something that, will includes facts about Volcanoes. So the simple thing is just, Find volcanoes on Google maps, pin them where they are, and then write a fact about it in our own words.

We have been learning to create our own map and find as much volcanoes as we can. It can be in Auckland, Australia, India well around the whole wide world, even under water. This was an easy task to do, we had to give 1 or 2 facts about that volcano, and we had to put a link in to see where we had got that fact from.

I created it by searching up volcanoes and also searching up facts about volcanoes. They is a button to give facts about the volcano I have searched. So then I wrote facts about volcanoes that I have searched up. Then i push share, to check if on (Publish to web). And then once I have pressed done I will need to do one more instruction, which is to copy the URL, so then I could post it on my Blog.