Thursday, 19 February 2015

Using our WITS

At pt England school we have WITS. WITS can help you by not getting in trouble or into a fight, also it can help you from not getting snap and being a good person. W stands for Walk away, and I Stands for Ignore it, T stands for Talk about it, S stands for Seek help.

What does W Walk away mean, well I am going to explain what Walk away means. Walk away mean if someone punches you on the staunch by purpose then you will need to walk away.

Moving on to I Ignore it, Ignore means if someone is tapping you at class or outside and being annoying to you the you just need to go far far away and ignore it.

Now T Talk about it, if you are getting bullied or if they are trying to start a fight, then talk about to your friends or teacher and then they will get in trouble.

S seek help, if someone is being mean to your friend then go to a teacher and and seek help.

I finally know now that we need to be kind and nice to each other, and use our WITS.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Share the love


Only Helpful


Adventurous and amazing

Nice and helpful  
My friends you mean a lot to me you make me happy and smile.

What do we use the water for?

Monday, 16 February 2015

All about me

All about me

Malo e lelei, welcome to my blog my name is Samoa And I am 9 years old. And I like to eat ice-cream. My favourite ice- cream flavour is cookie and cream and chocolate. On the weekend I like to play cricket or netball with my cousin or friend. On my blog I am going to post a story of kitten club, so hop on my blog and explore.  Thank you for stopping by and enjoy my blog!!   

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Exercise Investigation

In Room 9 and 10 we have been learning to do a Statistical Investigation. First we asked a question then we worked out the answer and presented it in a graph. Lastly we wrote about what we found out. I hope you enjoy our Investigation.  

Thursday, 5 February 2015

My Holiday Highlight

My Holiday Highlight

In the holiday I went to the NRL nines game. I went with my mum and cousin, and we had so much fun! We went to Eden Park , and we went Last Saturday. I wanted to go is because I thought it will be fun, but it was fun. The game I enjoy most was worries and the titans. and the first round the worries scored a try. then the titans then shone Johnson did a dummy and then got a runner way went inside the goal post. then on the second round the worries was still in the lead and then the time went to 6 seconds then  5 4 3 2 1 and the warriors won the game!

warriors vs raiders
The warriors had to play the raider. Now the first round has began. The raider scored are try. Then they missed the kick in. Then the warriors score lots of tries and then warriors winning.

Then when it got to 6 seconds the raider scored a try and they won the game. but they all played so well. All the worries fans were shocked and disappointed when the warriors lost against the raiders. The point was 19 to 21. I hope next time the warriors wins.

But the warriors had to vs the tigers to be in the semi finals. So on Sunday, so the warriors vs the tigers. then both team went to their position. So the first round has began, then the warriors was winning then the tigers got a try.

Then on the second round the warriors was winning and then they got a try and they won the game and they were happy.

I hope that I will go there next time to watch it again because it was so fun and cool to watch.