Thursday, 23 April 2015

ANZACS information

Guess how many people died in the world war 2? Well it was over 60 million people that was killed. 

And Guess how many people were in the world war 1? well it was over 37 million people, and there was over 16 million people that died. 

Side Scrolling Video Games

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Samoa's writing about the assembly on Monday

Today on Monday Pt England School had assembly, and our teachers was dressed up into costume. And when I arrived in the hall I saw Mrs nua, and Mrs Garden and some prefect and Mr Jacobsen. Mrs Nua was cooking the pancakes and Mrs garden was putting cream on top of the pancakes.

Then it was team 1, miss George was coming to the front of the hall and she was talking about healthy body and lunch, then team 1 teachers and also the prefect was handing out healthy food, like carrots and sandwich.

Then next it was team 2, they did a play about winnie the pooh Eeyore the donkey Miss Berry and she was pretending that she was sad because she didn't like her house. And the piglet was Mrs Nalder and then she came up and gave miss Berry an idea, “she said to paint her house. And the tigger was miss Eadie, then she came up and then gave Mrs Berry an idea, and said” you should make an bouncy house. Then the last one was Miss Rapold, she was winnie the pooh.

Next it was us team 4!! we were doing a game and it was all about team 4 teachers were pretending that they were superhero, and Mr Somerville was in the game first and he was versing Mr Baxendine. And Mr Baxendine lost, next it was Miss Lavakula. Miss lavakula lost, Mrs Jacobsen was next and her weapon was a fish and she was versing Mr Somerville. And Mr Somerville lost, and Mrs Jacobsen won the game!

Furthermore it was team 5, which was the year 7&8. and the teachers were pretending that there were soldiers, they were marching to the front of the hall and mrs tele’a was the leader and she was giving question to the team 5 teachers. The first person was Mr wiseman, then it was mrs peato, Then miss moala and then the last one was miss clarke.

My favourite team was team 5, and team 4, because i like team 5 is that they funny, and because i like team 4 is that they were pretending to superhero.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My movie about Omaru creek

My animation is about Omaru Creek. It tells people how to keep it clean. Please enjoy my movie.