Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Three days without the year 8's

Last week was one of the best three days, for the year 7’s. You might want to know why. Well sit back and relax, while you read my story. The year 7’s were alone without the year 8’s. I will be explaining to you about how the year 7’s step up while the year 8’s headed off to their year 8 leadership camp. I will be telling you about a moment that was challenging, a moment that was nervous, a moment that was proud and a moment that was fun/funny.

A moment that was challenging, was making marshmallow and spaghetti into a tower, and trying to see if you could make the tallest tower without touching your hands. That was super challenging for me and my group. But the spaghetti kept on snapping, and it wouldn’t stay straight. My group was the biggest group so it took us a little while to get into four groups. Unfortunately me and my group did not manage to build a tower.

Furthermore a second moment that was Nervous was the cup challenge. If you don’t know the game of it, well you have ten cups, you put four cups on the bottom, then three on top, and two on top then once you get up to one, you put them back to normal and you run back to the back of the line, then the next person goes. I was pretty nervous about playing that game because you have other people next to you,that you have to challenge.

Moreover the next moment that I was proud of was getting 200 point saying our chant to the rest of the teams. My team was the Churry group, the other two groups were the Munchies and fobalicious. My group went first, and straight after we finished our chant all teachers had to vote, and most teachers voted for my group, the churry! So I was pretty proud because I was also a girl leader for that group and Javan was the boy leader.

Last but not least the other moment that was fun/funny was the sing off. So the whole point of the sing off is Mrs Iloa tells us a letter or number, and we have to sing a song that has that letter. And the fobalicious lost first then my group. So that means the munchies won, and they won 100 points. So we had our last round and fortunately my group and the munchies came a tie. So both of our group got 100 point.

So the last three days was awesome,because we got to learn how to be a leader for pt England School with the year 8’s are gone.

We have been writing about the year 8 leadership camp, and the year 7's write about the three days they had at school. So I have been writing about the three days we had without the year 8's and what we did when the year 8's left.

Friday, 26 May 2017

The Day the year 7's were alone

Three days without the year 8's! You might wonder where the year 8's are? Well the year 8's have gone to their year 8 leadership camp, for three days. So that means only the year 7's are at school, with Mrs Iloa, Mrs Judd, Whaea kelly, Mr Slade and Mose. The year 7's had to step up and be the leaders, which is pretty cool. For the last three days we got to do all kinds of fun activities, like Games, spot prizes, cooking truffles and also Art. 

We got spilt into our Tahi, Rua and Toru group, I'm in the Rua group. Our first thing we had to do was to have a group Leader, Group name and also group chant. I was one of the student who got picked to be a girl leader. And Javan was also picked to be a boy leader. Then we had to come up a group name. Our group name was called CHURRY! Furthermore we also had to come up with a chant. The rest of the groups were called then Munchies and also the Fobalicious. 

Our first activity was cooking Truffles, with Whaea Kelly. If you don't know what truffles are, well they are small little balls covered with coconut. The ingredient was needed were, biscuit, Condensed Milk, 1/4 cup of coca, 3/4 cup of choc chip and the last ingredient was coconut. We had to make them into balls, then cover it with coconut and put them in the refrigerator for over night. 

On the next day our second activity was art, with Mr Slade, and Miss Wharrel. We had to get it into groups design and quote and drawing. So my group was Javan and Faioso. We designed a quote which is, " Not Everyones perfect. Then our last activity was the intense game, with Mrs Judd and Mose. Our first game was trying to make a tower with a spaghetti and Marchmallow, then the cup game and that was the end of our activity. 

And sadly today is our last day before the year 8's are back. After our school assembly each group were playing the cup game. unfortunately we came second and the Munchies came first. then the teachers were next, And fortunately we won, thanks to Mrs Judd and Mose. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

That Time we made TRUFFLES!

Today was an awesome day for the year 7's. You may wonder why today was a awesome day, because we were spilt into our tahi, Rua and Toru group. I'm in the Rua group, Our first activity was cooking. The Ingredient we need was, 1 pack of super wine biscuit, 1 whole can of condensed milk, 1/4 cup of coca, 3/4 cup of choc chip and the last ingredient was 1 cup of desiccated coconut. But first we had to get into 4 groups. Each group had to put all the ingredient into a bowl, then you form a small circle, covering it with coconut. Then we put them in the refrigerator. 

1. Crush your packet of super wine biscuit - they don't need to be fine crumbs. 

2. sift 1/4 cup of cocoa into a bowl

3. gently mix the super wine biscuit and cocoa together

4. add 3/4 cup of choc ships

5. Add 1 cup of desiccated Coconut

6. gently mix together

7. Pour in whole can of condensed milk ( Mix as you go )

8. make small truffle balls then roll it on a plate f dedicated coconut

9. Store in fridge overnight

10. pack truffle balls into cellophane bags and tie it up with a ribbon. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Statistics 3

We have been learning about Tally chart and bar graphs, in our maths class. My group and I which is the Kina group have been learning about what a pictograph and bar graph's are. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


We are learning to Identify and interpret different graphs. 
This week for term 2, my group Kina had to complete this weeks task. Which is about Statistics, and about graphs and charts. We also had to make a line graph showing the temperature about Kaitaia and Tekapo. Which will be in the last slide. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Home learning

This week, Mrs Tele'a has given team 5 a task to complete this. And posting it on our blog. It all about our basic facts, how many time we spend on Maths Whizz, Word problems, and also information and Data. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Cipher wheel

We are learning to learn about ciphers, and what technology is to you. Because our theme for this term is, Now That thinking! We are also learning about how to make your own cipher wheel. And making it with a buddy. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Here I come Term 2

Who is excited for Term 2, to begin? I will be talking to you readers about our Immersion assembly and, what our Term focus is for Term 2. The theme for term 2 is, Now that's thinking! Every team has a something they will need to focus for a Term. And we also make animated movie about our Term focus. I will also be talking to you about What I would like to achieve for term 2. If your really enjoying our theme which is, Now that's thinking, then come along and read more about my amazing writing I am about to talk to you about.

As we all got to the hall, I was getting to pumped to see what Team 5's focus is for this term. As we all sat down, did the mihi and karakia. As Mr Burt was talking to us about technology, and talking to us about the old wireless and connections. Mr Burt was also talking to us about, what chrome book was invented and the first chrome book Pt England School was given. 

Furthermore, What I would like to achieve is too focus on my work and get better at finishing off my work. What I also like to achieve is too get better at playing netball. And the last thing, I would like to achieve for my goals are too Listen to the teachers introduction. Now that's thinking! Am I right guys! 

One of the old chrome book were, prod casting, Wireless connections, Samsung netbooks, then we upgraded to a, Acer C7, Acer C730, But their is other which I cannot remember. So Team 5 are learning about, How to build things between Pt England School.  Team 5, which is the year 7 & 8 block, are learning about how we could make our block tidier, by putting our bag on the selves.