Friday, 18 September 2015

Blog update

Welcome to my blog my name is Samoa. I am 9 years old, and I am a student at Pt England School. I’m in  Room 9 and 10. I am also in year 5. My teachers are Mr baxendine, Mrs Jacobsen and on Fridays we have Ms Mackinlay. My favourite sports are netball, rugby, cricket, softball and ripper rugby. I am the youngest in my family, and my favorite subjects are Reading, Writing and Maths.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

The bull chase

1. On a cloudy windy day the man thought that he should go swimming he was calm at first but well he was fishing he thought he would catch a very big fish but out came a alligator out of nowhere and the alligator was acting dangerous and tried to attack the man, the man felt scared but also suprised. THE END

2. One stormy day a man wanted to go fishing but then he heard a noise he looked back and it was a gigantic bull he leaped into the water and the man tried to run and jump out of the boat but the bull was attacking him. THE END

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Samoa's Recount Rubric

On monday the 7th of september we had our school cross country. It 
was at our school feld. It happened after lunch time at 1:00 o'clock pm.

Before we started our cross country our principal Mr Burt did a prayer for us, and then our sport teacher, Miss Vaafusuaga. Miss vaafusuaga told us who is running first and who is running last. She also told us that champions never give up.

 Furthermore the cross country began, and the year 1 boys ran first. There were very good, A boy named Israel came first out of the year 1’s. Then It went to the year 1 girls,2,3 and 4’s run, It was nearly time for the year 5 boys turn, but after they ran it wasn't the year 5 girls after it was usually different when it got to the year 5 girls. So it went the year 7 boys then the 5 girls, then the year 7 girls then the year 8 boys, and then It went to the year 6 girls, and the last one was the year 8 girls.

We had house colour which was called green, yellow, red and blue, the colour I’m on is green. we had teachers that was wearing their house colour. when you finish from running you get a drink.

After I ran I felt really happy that I ran because It is a good exercise.