Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Letter to the Pak n Save Manager of Glen Innes

Samoa and Kerstein
130 Point England Road
Glen Innes
Auckland 1072

19th March 2018 Monday

Dear, Manager of glen Innes Pak N Save.

Malo e lelei Manager of Glen Innes Pak N Save,

Our name are Samoa and Kerstein we are both year 8 students at Pt England School. We are very excited to be writing this letter to you. we are writing this letter to let you know that you should think about getting rid of your plastic bags. Kerstein and I have a lot of reasons on why you should get rid of plastic bag, and why we think it is bad for our environment.

Why is it bad to have plastic bags in our environment? Yes why? Well one of our first reasons on why you should consider getting rid of you plastic bags is because plastic bags do not just pollute, but they also affect our water in this land. You might have noticed that plastic bags are not heavy, but they are lightweight so they can float anywhere in the world, which is not good. These plastic can also end up in the trees, fences and also the river!

The second reason why you should get rid of plastic bags is because it is not that easy to recycle. The reason why it is not easy to recycle plastic bags is like, what we just said in our first reason, because it is not heavy but they are lightweight, so they can travel anyway in the world. You never know where the paper might end up, it could end up in the river if you don’t recycle them. Fun fact, the recycling rate for the plastic bags is around 5%.

Last but not least our last reason on why you should ban plastic bags in your store is because, plastic bags are everywhere. For an example your walking to school and you see a bunch on plastic bags, just sitting there floating everywhere. If every store in New Zealand banned plastic bags, then we think it is easier for you managers, because plastic bags are not for free, so you will have to pay for it. If you banned having plastic bags in your stores then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting plastic bags every time you run out.

It has now come to an end to our letter, we are both glad to be writing this letter to the manager of Pak n Save. Kerstein and I have enjoyed writing this letter to you. We hope that our reasons to you were clear for you to read it, and possibly considering to banning the plastic bags.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Social Sciences

This morning the year 8 student went to Tamaki college to experience being a year 9 for a day. We were learning about Social Science with the awesome Ms Apelu. Is it important to learn about people? Well I think It's important because when someone is asking you something, then It's easier for you to respond back to the teacher. We then Played a quick game and name the places I see, from around the world. 

Friday, 2 March 2018

Visual Mihi

As you can see this is my Visual Mihi, on the top left corner I am proud of who I am, and I am proud to be a Tongan. Next on the Right corner is my family, family is everything to me. And on top of Family, it shows that I love Music. In the bottom left corner is my bible and a little verse that I love reading. It says, "For I know the plans I have for you, Declares the lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"Jeremiah 29:11. Last of all in the right bottom it shows that I am a storms supporter. Hope you like my visual mihi. 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Pascal's Triangle

This is a pascal's triangle, there are patterns, which patterns can you see? The patterns I could see are all the numbers on the side are all ones. The Numbers I shaded in are the numbers that are uneven. I first added all the numbers in each line and wrote the numbers that equal that numbers on each row. 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Cooking at Tech

This morning it was our first day at Tech for 2018. All the year 8's are separated into 4 groups and I'm in group 2. We have 4 rotation and I'm in the cooking group. Our tutor was Mrs Heka. We had made Pizza. Our theme for this term is Vegetarian and learning more about vegetarian people. I am so excited to learn more about vegetarian and why they eat vegetarian rather than normal meat. On the pizza we had Ham, cheese and pineapple. 

Monday, 12 February 2018

Letter to Nicolas Lei

130 Point England Road
Glenn Innes
Auckland 1072

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Nicolas Lei
Ferguson Intermediate School
Auckland 2023

Malo e lelei Nicolas Lei,

My Name is Samoa and I am a year 8 student at Pt England School. I know your having
a difficult time at your new school, but today I am here to give you my advice and my
opinion of what I think about my school uniform, and why you should stay at Ferguson
Intermediate school. My Situation was similar to your problem, us girls were so used to
wearing shorts just like the rest of the school, but now we were told to start wearing clots.
When I started wearing clots, I had to get use to wearing it everyday. Eventually I got
used to it, at first I didn’t like it but then I loved it, just like that! So here are some of my
advice on how to get use to wearing uniform. Just keep reading!

My first advice to you is if you really hate your uniform then still go school, but here
is the trick, pretend you love your uniform but actually you don’t. Just keep all the
negative stuff in your mind and say the nice things about the uniform, just so they know
you love being at ferguson and also the uniform. Anyways I’m pretty your uniform
doesn’t look that bad! You would eventually get over how much you don’t like your
uniform, to saying how much you love how your uniform looks on you! If your really
enjoying your time their at your new school, then I suggest staying there! So here’s one
of my opinion to you, Fake it till you make it!

Here is the reason why you should fake it till you make it. reason one is because, I feel
like uniform is way easier to wear to school everyday, rather than worrying about what
clothes to wear everyday. I feel like when everyone's wearing the same uniform it looks
way cleaner, and anyways it’s not a competition about who’s clothes looks better than the
other person. The Most important thing is you attending school and learning something,
and also to have fun, right! Reason 2! When you are presenting a speech or welcoming
visitors to your school, the visitors will know what school your from, and most
importantly how smart and wonderful you look in that uniform. So know matter how
you look we are all the same!

If your still not sure what I’m trying to tell you, well wearing school uniform is important
because teachers can tell who you are, for an example the teacher is trying to look for
you but she can’t find you because, she doesn’t know what you wore to school today.
The teacher might think you have disappeared somewhere but actually, you're still in
the classroom. I know if I was a teacher I would’ve been worried because I can’t find
one of my students.

It has come to an end to my letter, I am so glad I got the chance to read your letter
Nicolas Lei, I have enjoyed writing this to you and also reading your situation. I hope
that some of my advice has helped you to get over how much you dislike your uniform.
I’m pretty sure you have already!

Kind Regards,

Samoa Koloa,