Monday, 23 May 2016

The Fab Four

Meet adam, he is the predictor. Adam is a brave and is often goes by the name of storm shadow. You might not know but adam is a superhero. He is wearing a blue pants with red stripes on it. He has a blue,red and yellow T - shirt.  The colour of his eyes is hazel and it kinda greenish and also light brown. He is 20 years of age, he has chocolate copper black hair.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Immersion assembly

Kapow! Bang! Kapoof! Yes that’s right we are looking at comic art. Well team 4’s topic is about comic arts! If you are wondering what kind of comic’s I am talking about well it is Marvels and DC. The team 4 teachers were dressed up in superhero like, Team Captain America,Wondering women,Bat guy, Bear Baxendine and Amurter hero! When i sat down i was wondering what would be our topic for term 2. Well i was sitting down i was wondering why Mrs Nua was dressed in a weird costume. Furthermore we sat down and we started watching each teams movies. I was thinking what was our teachers up to now.

As i sat down, my friend’s Javan and Sabrina came and sat next to me. So then we sang the National Anthem, sat down to get ready to watch the team's movies. First was team 1. The movie was about what was their favourite thing. Which was pretty cool. It took ages for our team’s movie. Now on too team 4’s movie.

So then the movie had begin! Bear Baxendine was an evil Bear, that tried to escape with an chromebook, but actually the evil little Bear Baxendine took Bobby jon’s chromebook. The amateur heroes saw Bear Baxendine with bobby jon’s chromebook. But wait 2 amatuer heros spotted bear baxendine with Bobby jon’s chromebook. So then they both went to fight bear baxendine to get Bobby jon’s chromebook.

Moreover the Amatuer heroes were defeated and captured. Bear baxendine tied both of them to a pole. Then one amatuer hero cries “ you wont get away with this”. He replied back and said “Who will stop me”. One of them said “ THE TEACHER VENGERS. Meanwhile three heroes of the teacher vengers came to fight back to get back bobby jon’s chromebook. If you didn't know who they were well they were, Team leader America, Wondering women and bat guy. As they ran to defeat bear baxendine, Bat guy ran over to the 2 amatuer heroes and says “ i’ll get them you get bax. So then wondering women and team leader america replied and said “ On it. While they were running to defeat Bear Baxendine team leader america hits bear baxendine with his shield, POW, he hits bear baxendine so hard he was knocked out.

Bear baxendine went to jail. After that one amatuer hero said to bat guy” WOW bat guy your muscles. Later wondering women says “ Eh Em. So then they laugh and they go back home and sleep.