Thursday, 10 August 2017

Digital footprint

This morning room 2 maths had made a poster showing what we have been on from the last 24 hours. So for the last 24 hours, this is what I have been on. We had to look at our history and then get the logos and put it on our google drawing. Mrs Shearing gave us instructions to all the things we were on from yesterday 9:15am to 9:15am today, and all of my logos could not fit so this is all I have done. 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Speech: Should Pt England school have a college

   Should Pt England School have a college?

so my topic for today is Should Pt England School have a college?

There are many reason’s why I think Pt England School should have a college. I will be talking to you about my reasons of why Pt England school should have a college! You are probably wondering why Pt England School doesn’t have a college? Well I have 3 important points to show you that we should have a college?

I personally think that in the future we should have a college. Why?

My first reason is because students who are heading off, don’t need to apply for a scholarship to other colleges. They can just stay here, and wouldn’t worry about meeting new teachers. They can just get along with teachers that they already know. See no big deal! If I had to pick what college I would go to, I would most likely attend this college.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Think Before you post

This morning, Mrs Shearing came to our class and showed us about Digital Footprint. So we first had to make a poster to give you advice about being careful when you are online. My Poster was based on, THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


We have been learning about measurements. We have also been learning about Non - Standard/Non-formal and Standard/Formal. We had to measuring things with a non-standard and standard object. We then had to make up our own measurements, then had to take photo's of things we had measured. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Space Junk

We have been learning about Space Junk. For the first week of Term 3, our topic is about Guardians of the galaxy, Our book is called Space Junk. The book is about spacecraft and how you could make your environment better, by putting your rubbish in the bin. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The guardians of the galaxy

Imagine if you were fighting aliens, what would you do? Well maybe you might know what our topic for this term is? The Guardians of the galaxy? We are learning about the Sun and Moon, and how you would survive on a different planet.
Team 1’s focus for this term is about Solar system. Their topic is based on how life could be without kids. All six teachers from team 1 made a movie about how you could see the sun and also the earth. But I gotta say that the movies we have been watching, has been one of the entertaining and creative movies we’ve seen. Team 2 are focusing on the Sun and Moon. Their focus is all based on how the Sun and the moon changes over night. So they will be talking about how the sun changes to the moon.

Furthermore Team 3 are learning about, Time season in space and in earth. I am really looking forward to what their team are about to show the whole school what they have been learning about, for this whole term. Team 4’s is about the Planet earth 2.0. This is the video that made me understand what they are learning. And last but not least, the amazing team, Team 5. Our focus is based on what Impact does the moon have on earth? All five teachers from team 5 did a live show. Mrs Judd is a wonderful singer.

Which was the most informative? The most informative focus was Team 4’s because it gave me more information about what they are learning about. And I am really looking forward to seeing what they are going to create for this term. Who was the most entertaining? The team that was the most entertaining was Team 5 because all five teachers were drumming, playing the guitar and the piano and also Singing. What are you looking forward to finding out about this term? I am looking forward to seeing what the whole school is about to create and show how creative they could be.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Complex sentence

WALT: We have been learning about Complex and highlighting the independent in blue, and dependent in red. 

Sentence types.

WALT: We have been learning about Simple, Compound and Complex sentence. 

Monday, 3 July 2017


WALT: Investigate Probability. 

For the past few weeks we have been learning Probability, and how to work out these kind of outcomes. We have also been learning about Impossible,Unlikely,Possible,Likely and Certain. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

technofreeze project

This is just another update about my group’s project. If you don’t know what my group and I are designing, well we are designing a basketball shelter. It was a bit challenging for me and my group because, we first had to think about where the shelter would start from, and where would it stop. But the most challenging one, was to figure out how many pole’s we need to make the shelter still. So then we made a little example of how many pole’s we will need and test how it the paper will fit and stay still. This was just an update about what we have done today.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


WALT: Read texts out loud confidently to get our message across to our audience. 

We have been learning about oral language and speaking with proper sentences. We have also been learning about how to speak with emotions and how to speak loud and clear. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


WALT  Use Mean, Median, Mode and Range to describe data

We have been learning about using Mode, Median, Range and mean to describe my data, that I have done. We watched a video and it really helped me and my group to understand what MMRM means. As I was watching the video it helped me alot with my work because it made me understood what MMRM means. Here is the video about the rapping. The MMRM Video

Monday, 12 June 2017

Play and poetry

This week we have been learning about oral language, and public speaking. We also have been focusing on how to talk to people and act like you are doing a play in front of everybody. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Basketball shelter plan

Hi today I was just working on our sketch for our basketball shelter plan first we thought of a ordinary shelter but….  We thought bigger and are trying to make a movable shelter for the weather.  For an example if it is raining you can pull it over and if it’s a beautiful day than

Back here is a bird's eye view.

Today I did a hyperstudio example drawing of the school basketball court with our design attached to it. For a design we are making a basketball shelter so while it rains students of pt england can still enjoy playing.

This is just an update about our basketball shelter. Today my group and I met with Mrs Tele’a to tell her what our group is called. And it’s call Technofreez, we also told her what we are doing and what material we need to make a basketball shelter. My group and I are very confident about our project.

Friday, 2 June 2017

The vege car

We have been learning about how they used vegetable oil instead of gas to start up their car. My group has been learning about  a boy James Nui who decided to design and also build a car that doesn't use Petrol. 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Three days without the year 8's

Last week was one of the best three days, for the year 7’s. You might want to know why. Well sit back and relax, while you read my story. The year 7’s were alone without the year 8’s. I will be explaining to you about how the year 7’s step up while the year 8’s headed off to their year 8 leadership camp. I will be telling you about a moment that was challenging, a moment that was nervous, a moment that was proud and a moment that was fun/funny.

A moment that was challenging, was making marshmallow and spaghetti into a tower, and trying to see if you could make the tallest tower without touching your hands. That was super challenging for me and my group. But the spaghetti kept on snapping, and it wouldn’t stay straight. My group was the biggest group so it took us a little while to get into four groups. Unfortunately me and my group did not manage to build a tower.

Furthermore a second moment that was Nervous was the cup challenge. If you don’t know the game of it, well you have ten cups, you put four cups on the bottom, then three on top, and two on top then once you get up to one, you put them back to normal and you run back to the back of the line, then the next person goes. I was pretty nervous about playing that game because you have other people next to you,that you have to challenge.

Moreover the next moment that I was proud of was getting 200 point saying our chant to the rest of the teams. My team was the Churry group, the other two groups were the Munchies and fobalicious. My group went first, and straight after we finished our chant all teachers had to vote, and most teachers voted for my group, the churry! So I was pretty proud because I was also a girl leader for that group and Javan was the boy leader.

Last but not least the other moment that was fun/funny was the sing off. So the whole point of the sing off is Mrs Iloa tells us a letter or number, and we have to sing a song that has that letter. And the fobalicious lost first then my group. So that means the munchies won, and they won 100 points. So we had our last round and fortunately my group and the munchies came a tie. So both of our group got 100 point.

So the last three days was awesome,because we got to learn how to be a leader for pt England School with the year 8’s are gone.

We have been writing about the year 8 leadership camp, and the year 7's write about the three days they had at school. So I have been writing about the three days we had without the year 8's and what we did when the year 8's left.

Friday, 26 May 2017

The Day the year 7's were alone

Three days without the year 8's! You might wonder where the year 8's are? Well the year 8's have gone to their year 8 leadership camp, for three days. So that means only the year 7's are at school, with Mrs Iloa, Mrs Judd, Whaea kelly, Mr Slade and Mose. The year 7's had to step up and be the leaders, which is pretty cool. For the last three days we got to do all kinds of fun activities, like Games, spot prizes, cooking truffles and also Art. 

We got spilt into our Tahi, Rua and Toru group, I'm in the Rua group. Our first thing we had to do was to have a group Leader, Group name and also group chant. I was one of the student who got picked to be a girl leader. And Javan was also picked to be a boy leader. Then we had to come up a group name. Our group name was called CHURRY! Furthermore we also had to come up with a chant. The rest of the groups were called then Munchies and also the Fobalicious. 

Our first activity was cooking Truffles, with Whaea Kelly. If you don't know what truffles are, well they are small little balls covered with coconut. The ingredient was needed were, biscuit, Condensed Milk, 1/4 cup of coca, 3/4 cup of choc chip and the last ingredient was coconut. We had to make them into balls, then cover it with coconut and put them in the refrigerator for over night. 

On the next day our second activity was art, with Mr Slade, and Miss Wharrel. We had to get it into groups design and quote and drawing. So my group was Javan and Faioso. We designed a quote which is, " Not Everyones perfect. Then our last activity was the intense game, with Mrs Judd and Mose. Our first game was trying to make a tower with a spaghetti and Marchmallow, then the cup game and that was the end of our activity. 

And sadly today is our last day before the year 8's are back. After our school assembly each group were playing the cup game. unfortunately we came second and the Munchies came first. then the teachers were next, And fortunately we won, thanks to Mrs Judd and Mose. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

That Time we made TRUFFLES!

Today was an awesome day for the year 7's. You may wonder why today was a awesome day, because we were spilt into our tahi, Rua and Toru group. I'm in the Rua group, Our first activity was cooking. The Ingredient we need was, 1 pack of super wine biscuit, 1 whole can of condensed milk, 1/4 cup of coca, 3/4 cup of choc chip and the last ingredient was 1 cup of desiccated coconut. But first we had to get into 4 groups. Each group had to put all the ingredient into a bowl, then you form a small circle, covering it with coconut. Then we put them in the refrigerator. 

1. Crush your packet of super wine biscuit - they don't need to be fine crumbs. 

2. sift 1/4 cup of cocoa into a bowl

3. gently mix the super wine biscuit and cocoa together

4. add 3/4 cup of choc ships

5. Add 1 cup of desiccated Coconut

6. gently mix together

7. Pour in whole can of condensed milk ( Mix as you go )

8. make small truffle balls then roll it on a plate f dedicated coconut

9. Store in fridge overnight

10. pack truffle balls into cellophane bags and tie it up with a ribbon. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Statistics 3

We have been learning about Tally chart and bar graphs, in our maths class. My group and I which is the Kina group have been learning about what a pictograph and bar graph's are. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


We are learning to Identify and interpret different graphs. 
This week for term 2, my group Kina had to complete this weeks task. Which is about Statistics, and about graphs and charts. We also had to make a line graph showing the temperature about Kaitaia and Tekapo. Which will be in the last slide. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Home learning

This week, Mrs Tele'a has given team 5 a task to complete this. And posting it on our blog. It all about our basic facts, how many time we spend on Maths Whizz, Word problems, and also information and Data. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Cipher wheel

We are learning to learn about ciphers, and what technology is to you. Because our theme for this term is, Now That thinking! We are also learning about how to make your own cipher wheel. And making it with a buddy. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Here I come Term 2

Who is excited for Term 2, to begin? I will be talking to you readers about our Immersion assembly and, what our Term focus is for Term 2. The theme for term 2 is, Now that's thinking! Every team has a something they will need to focus for a Term. And we also make animated movie about our Term focus. I will also be talking to you about What I would like to achieve for term 2. If your really enjoying our theme which is, Now that's thinking, then come along and read more about my amazing writing I am about to talk to you about.

As we all got to the hall, I was getting to pumped to see what Team 5's focus is for this term. As we all sat down, did the mihi and karakia. As Mr Burt was talking to us about technology, and talking to us about the old wireless and connections. Mr Burt was also talking to us about, what chrome book was invented and the first chrome book Pt England School was given. 

Furthermore, What I would like to achieve is too focus on my work and get better at finishing off my work. What I also like to achieve is too get better at playing netball. And the last thing, I would like to achieve for my goals are too Listen to the teachers introduction. Now that's thinking! Am I right guys! 

One of the old chrome book were, prod casting, Wireless connections, Samsung netbooks, then we upgraded to a, Acer C7, Acer C730, But their is other which I cannot remember. So Team 5 are learning about, How to build things between Pt England School.  Team 5, which is the year 7 & 8 block, are learning about how we could make our block tidier, by putting our bag on the selves.   

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Decimal numbers

We are learning to put decimal numbers in order, by putting it in the right order. We have also been learning about Whole numbers and also decimal numbers.  And how we could rewrite the decimal numbers into largest to smallest, or smallest or largest. 


We are learning to fill in the missing fractions and also write the fraction for each of the fractions. We had also been learning about how each of the paired fractions, and which on is bigger and smaller. But we had to give yous the reason why I think it is. 

Independent, dependent clauses

We have been learning about Subject, Predicate, independent and also dependent. As a group we had to make up our own subject and verb. and then we had to highlight it by our self and see  which one is subject and which one is verb. 

Favourite Pastime

Wait, wait, wait don’t scroll yet. What is your favourite pastime? What is one thing you loved to do, that has already happened. It is something you love to do in your spare time like, watching netflix while having a good laugh watching movies. Well you have come to the right person, I will be talking to you readers about what I loved to do in the past. So my favourite pastime is getting prepared for my aunt's restaurant that has just opened up last week on Monday. I was really looking forward to seeing customers coming in to sell some islander food.

Well My favourite past time is getting prepared for my family resturant. And it was pretty exciting preparing things for my families restaurant. The name of the restaurant is called, Melina Kitchen. Yesterday was a very busy day for us because, it was their first time opening the restaurant. I was really proud of my aunties even though they tell me to go to the back room, I would always eat the food that would be at the back.

You are probably wondering why am I talking about getting ready for my families Restaurant. And part of that is getting to spend heaps of time with my families and my aunties and uncles, and also my cousin’s. The reason why I am talking to you readers about getting prepared is because sometimes me and my aunties and mum don’t really get to spend some times together, and part of talking about it is because I get to spend some times with my families and also my cousin’s.

I have really enjoyed helping out with my cousin’s and aunties. And also seeing people coming in to order or even buy some food. One of my favourite things to do there is too serve customers. So I have a question for you, What is your favourite Pastime?

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

water Cycle

This term Team 5, had to complete this animation about the important of the water cycle, and how important it is for us to know about the water cycle. So this is what I have created on my own, I have created my own animated about the water cycle and what the 3 main states are which are, Condensation, Precipitation and Evaporation. 

What a disaster

We have been learning about a article called What a Disaster. We had to complete this task about the article then post it on my blog. Stay tune to our movie that me and my group has created. 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Deciamls Numbers

We have a been learning about adding and subtracting decimal numbers. my group was Kina, the kina group had to word that our and how we worked it out. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

my result for my writing test

Today Room 3 literacy class, got given their result for their writing test. But first they read our writing to make sure, I have clear ideas. How I use clear words, and how I use punctuation to make my writing interesting. How I make Sentence. We checked what mark we got, and how I improve my writing. My result for Ideas was 4, For my structure I got a 4, my Organisation I got a 3. So for my Organisation I think I should Attempt to organise my writing but not controlled enough. For my Vocabulary I got a 4, My sentence I have also got a 4 and also my Punctuation, but for my Spelling I have got given a 5. So that was what I got for my result for my writing. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Place value 2

Room 2 maths class was given the task to complete this place value. We had to rewrite them into numbers and also in words. So me and my group, kina had completed this task.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Whale child, Serious game

Room 3 (Taranaki), had to complete this task by answering the questions and also comparing the two book we have read and explain to yous about what the differences are and what I think is similar to the two books. So this is what I had did, I have gave you guys what we the Taranaki group has did.

Monday, 20 March 2017


Hi my name is Samoa and I will explaining to you what is a special place to me and to the community. What is a special place to your community? Well, School is one the things that is really special to me and also to the community's as well. School is really important to kids because, kids like us could learn new things and it is special to us because we also make new friends, but most importantly to have heaps of fun. I will also be explaining to you how does it make it special to me and to my family.

I think you are wondering why school is special to me as well. Well I will tell you why school to super special to me. I really enjoy school especially when I get to learn new things everyday. Which is pretty awesome. It also special to me, my family and the community, because it helps kids to learn things that they didn’t even know, that would be me sometimes. I really think school is special to the community and to the kids why, because kids like us need to be good people and it keep us smart. School is special to me, especially when I get bored at home. But the most fun part about school is that we get to make new friends.

One of the things that school is special to me, is because not only do we just have fun but we also get to meet new friends and visitors. The most important thing to me about school is that it helps me to keep focus while so that I don’t get into trouble. But one of my favourite subject is Maths because we learn things like, fractions. When I first learnt about fraction I didn’t even know that word meant. Division was also the same as fraction for me, I didn’t know what it meant and you could do it until I never gave up. Multiplication were one of my favourite things because I thought it would be easy when I first started but as I really got into time tables I started to like maths. So maths is one of the things that are special to me as well. But maths keeps me focus and not distracted by my friends and to the people next to me.

This is what my mother always says to me when I get back from school “Do you have any homework”. So that when I know that school is special my mum and to my family. Next I would always come back from school and do my homework, so I could make my family happy, because it is so important to them that we are good but also smart while we are at school. That probably happens when you get from school and your mum or your family asks you if you have homework. So that is why school is special to me and to my family. These are the things that are very special to me.

Furthermore I have just explain to you what is special to me. And that was school. I really hope that this is one of the things that are special to you too. I have just talked about why school is important to me and to my family. I have also talking about why it is so special to me and what are my favourite subjects are. And why I have picked school to be my special places. So what a places that are special to you and to your community and also family.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Who is your role model?

Hang on a minute don’t scroll down yet. As you can see from my title, I will be explaining to yous about who my role model is, and why I have picked that person to be my role model. I will also be talking to you about why that person is so important to me, I will be talking to yous about why this person had care for me. I will be explaining to yous about how they could care and love me for who I am. And what that person has told me to do, which is to Respect others and care of others.

My role model is my mum, because throughout the life she has taught me to care about other people, she has looked after me my whole life. Whenever their is a special event happening for me or if I am in it, she will take her time off work and drop me off their. That makes me think that she cares about me, but she also loves me. So what I do I always make her a cup of tea, but not only that I also clean the house. The reason why I have picked my mum is because she has raised me to love other people, and to respect other people by always saying nice things to people, along with that she has taught me to always look after other people. She has always told me to always look after grandparents when she is at work, or while she is busy.

She has also taught me to always do my home work when I am at home. By giving me space to to focus, because she wants to be smart and also be a brave girl. But the most important thing she wants me to achieve is to be a smart girl and also being a netball player. So that is what I am going to try to achieve. My mum is caring, thoughtful, she is a loving person, by looking after her parents and also having to feed all of us. So that means she is showing us how she loves her whole family.

The most important reason I have picked my mum as my role model, is because she is a loving person, she cares about me and my family. And also the thing that is so special about my mum is that she is a hard worker, but not only that she is a intelligent women. She is a wonderful lady.

So what I have just talked about was how my mother is a wonderful lady. And how she is an amazing lady. So who is your role model?

poly Delicious

Have you participated in Polyfest? If you haven’t, then you may like to join polyfest next year. I will be talking to you about why belonging to polyfest is so important. And why your culture is so important to families and friends, So that is what I will be talking to you about. I am also going to be explaining to you what we did yesterday and why we had to go polyfest. I will be chatting to you about what was my favorite highlight on that day, and what was my favorite performances on that day. But not only that, I will be writing about how much fun I had at the ASB polyfest for 2017.

Yesterday team 5 went on a fun trip to the ASB polyfest, We had so much fun. We didn’t go their to just have fun, we also went their to learn about what was the important for cultures and families to see their kids performing and how they are proud to be a Tongan, or a Samoan and all of cultures. The groups that had performed yesterday, were Diversity and Maori. We had to get spilt into groups, my group was with Mrs Tele’a. Did you know that we had a wonderful women, whose birthday was yesterday, and it was Mrs Tele’a. My first highlight of the polyfest was getting to know how student’s who performs, be stable while they are performing. And how students can know more about their cultures and how it is important to their family.

My second highlight was watching the maori stages and how they go straight to their hakas, then smiling and doing their action songs. My favorite performances from the maori stage was the kaipara college. The reason why Kaipara college was my favorite performance was because, they are really focused with where their actions are, and how they can move together as a group. And their voices were terrific. I was so speechless, with how they can control themselves and how they can remember their actions. That makes me wonder if they would ever get sick of it, because how they make a mistake and then do it over and over again. Maybe one day I would like to be that.

My lucky last highlight was having fun with my friends and with team 5. It was so fun walking around the polyfest, and seeing performances that look amazing. My favorite part was going to the pacific proud because they are talking to us about how you could show respect to other people and about faith and love, and my favorite one was the language. Because it was telling us about how you are proud to be a islander. And how you could respect it.

I also enjoyed the delicious food that Mrs tele’a has brought for us. So what I have just explained to yous was about why it is so important to families and student to perform and to know more about their culture. In many ways. And what was my three highlight at the ASB polyfest for 2017. So here is a question to you. Would you take this opportunity to join the Polyfest for 2018!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Easy as child's play.

We have got given a task to complete this, and the books were about Easy as child's play and also Charlie and Maria. And we had to answer the question that was on the books. But not only that we had to create our own play pumps, create a comic strip which you would see and also compare the two books on the diagram. And we have to see if the book are similar, but we also talk about what the books are about. the books are also about water and how kids would go and fill water up with a bucket every single day.

Friday, 10 March 2017


We are learning to Read and write decimals. Room 2 Maths Kina group was given a task to complete this presentation. We were learning about the place values and how to tell the digits. We also had to fill in the Place value chart. Then we had to write numbers but in words. Next had to turn it around which had to write the letters into numbers. We hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Visual Mihi

My Visual Mihi

On the top left corner Shows how proud I am to be a Tongan. The photo on the top right corner show how I love my family very much, and on top of family shows how I really love to play music and sing songs. In the bottom left, shows how much I really like to play sports as well. Last but not least, on the bottom right shows that I go to church, and believe in Jesus Christ. 

Water Worries

This week we have been given the task to complete this presentation, about water worries. But first we had to read the story before completing the presentation. This will give you the answer of why water is so important. I really hope you have enjoyed this.

Fun Weekend

Hang on a minute don’t scroll down yet. Isn’t Weekends the best, because you get to spend time with family and friend. If you’re feeling like you would like to read more well then come along and read more about having a fun  weekend. then I will be explaining what a fun weekend you could do, if you feel like you're not having a good weekend. Well wait until I explain to you 3 different places you would like to go.

Have you been to Rainbows Ends before? Well I will be explaining to you how and why Rainbows Ends is Awesome! Rainbows Ends is a theme park. It has heaps and fun activities. Rainbows Ends  is one of my favourite event to go to. I recently just went to Rainbow Ends, and guess what it was super fun it had some scary rides but at the same time it was enjoyable. One of my favourite rides are, the Stratosfear. If you are wondering what that is, It is one of the scary rides. You get to have are option, One It is just going left and right. But the extreme one is when it spins you around and then is sometimes hangs you upside down. It very cool if you go at night time, because you could the beautiful views.

Do you know what is also a fun weekend, Going to the beach. Hmm beach, is one of the perfect time to go to the beach when it is summer or when you feel like you you just want to go for a swim. Why else do you think going to the beach is awesome? Well I will be explaining to you why is going to the beach is cool and why it is so relaxing. One of the reason’s I like to hang out at the beach is because me and my family come together, and we get to spend time with each other. And the most important thing we go to the beach is to have fun.

And the last fun weekend you could do, well is hanging out with friend’s and families. Why not? Hanging with friend’s and families are cool. Because you can go out with your friend’s and families to eat or also to play bowling or just go shopping. You could go with your friends to the movies, and you could go with your families to a special occasion to celebrate someone's birthday. Why is it fun to hang out with your friends and family’s? Because you could talk about things like what are you going to give me for my birthday, or maybe talk about school work. What could you do on the weekend’s?

So here I have talked about some of the fun weekend’s you could do while you are bored, or just sitting down and doing nothing. I have also talked you’s about 3 fun thing you could do in the weekends with your friend’s and family's or without you friends and family's. I have just talk to you about Rainbows End's, Going to the beach and also Hanging out with your friend’s and families.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Water wise

WALT -   I make sense of new information before, during and after reading by connecting it to myself, texts I know and my world.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Place value

WALT - Identify Place Value of Numbers up to 1000
here you have my place values. We had to filled out the numbers and also write what it is. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why is it so important to drink water?

Sometime I wonder why it is so important to drink water? And my answer I keep on hearing in my head is to keep people healthy and alive. But I sometimes wonder that, that may not be all. Drinking Water can also keep us hydrated, it could keep your body clean and pure. I will be talking to you about, why drinking water is so important to us.

Did you know that drinking water helps you to get nearly all of the carbon dioxide out of your body. When you breath all the carbon dioxide comes out because we have been drinking water everyday. Drinking water keep your body hydrated, you could also challenge yourself to keep you body healthy by drinking 8 cups of water every single day.

Meanwhile, humans use water to clean your body like, yourself and some dirty laundry and your teeth. There are loads of things that water could keep your body healthy. It helps your body by cleaning every single part of your body. Water can also Evaporate.

Evaporate is when ice turns from liquid to water vapour. We all know that mostly everyone has been to beach. Say that you're inside the water and you finished having and you come out, But you want to be dried. The sun cleans out all of the water in you and it turns into a gas which is water vapour. If this happens to you sometimes, then you have just experienced Evaporation.

Furthermore Condensation is when the water which collect as all droplets forms small drops of water that is form onto a cold surface, when the humid air is in contact with it. The water rises higher up to the atmosphere, as it goes up it starts to cool, eventually starts to be a liquid. Later all of the molecules starts to stick together, as it starts to stick it turns into clouds. Then as the rain comes down, then that is called precipitation.

So what I have just been talking about in my paragraphs are why it is so important to drink water. Moreoever we have also been talking about Evaporation and what it means, Condensation and also Precipitation. I really hope you have enjoyed my story about drinking water everyday. So here is my question to you. Is it really important to keep healthy?

Monday, 13 February 2017

3 kete of knowledge

The 3 kete of knowledge os a story about the kete of tuatea which is held with mental and physical challenges, the kete of aronui which is also held with emotion and last the kete of tuauri which is held with prayers. 

Friday, 3 February 2017

Treaty class rules

Room 3 got the task to create a class rule to put it on our class wall. we have created our own poster and picked out which one we should post. My buddies were Siaosi, Javan and Tevita

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Here I come 2017!

Malo e lelei and welcome to my blog My name is Samoa I am a year 7 student in Room 3. One of my favourite subject is maths because the is the subject I really enjoy. Some sports that I really enjoy are rugby,netball,ripper rugby, softball and cricket. The thing that I would like to achieve is to be a good role model to other people.My teachers are Mrs Tele’a, Mr Wiseman, Mrs Iloa, Miss Judd,Miss Tapuke, whae Kelly and also Miss fepulea’i.

Our theme for this year is Responsibility, Kaitiakitanga e nga wa katoa. As a class we have been learning about some of the things like how to be smart online, and we have also been learning about digital footprint. I am also looking forward to be learning with the teachers from team 5, especially Mrs Tele’a. At Pt England School we have 4 different house colours like Hikianalia Yellow, Hine Moana blue, Te Aurere red and Hokukea green. Each house colours get points for coming first, second and third.

We also get points for helping with the equipment's. We also have other activities like sports and cross country, athletics and also mufti day. We also have prefect leaders who get picked to represent Pt England School. Sometimes we have visitors from all around the country, and some from Auckland. Pt England School is a beautiful part of Auckland city. I am wishing to be a prefect for 2018. I am really looking forward to being a year 7 student for 2017.