Friday, 22 September 2017

My Journey to the Manaiakalani

Every year Pt England School takes part in the film festival, that is run by Manaiakalani. Today I will be talking to you about my experience with the film festival this year. Every class from Pt England School has to come up with a movie that is only 3 minutes long, and I got to say that filming a movie that has to be 3 minutes long is pretty hard to film. 

Image result for ManaiakalaniFilming a movie is challenging because sometimes you have to control your laugh and sometimes when it comes to a serious scene you have to act like your angry or even sad. Trying not to laugh is one of the things I find difficult, because looking at the person right in front of you will just make you laugh out of no where. Whenever I look at someone and I am filming I also tend to laugh. 

Trying to learn your lines is really hard. For an example when your an Main characters and you have a lot of things to say and you are always in every scene is pretty hard to remember. If I had to be a main character I would rather practise every day until I remember all my lines. that What I would do!! 

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