Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Cross Country Highlight

After all those trainings, It’s the event we’ve been waiting for. Yes that’s right last friday we had our fun run. Team 5 has been training everyday for nearly two months, to achieve our personal best. The day before the cross country we have been running everyday, even when it was raining.

There were four house colours, Hikianalia, Hine Moana, te Aurere and last but not least Hokule'a. My House colour was Hokule'a. Not to get cocky but I have a chance that we may come first. I put on my P.E top, and that was when I knew I was going to run two whole laps. As I got out of my classroom All I could see was bright colours filled on the netball court. It was getting close to the year 7 girl’s, and that was when I started to get butterflies.

It was my turn to run. I got up and my leg started shaking, I started to get butterflies and couldn’t stop talking about how nervous I was to run. As we all stood in a line I started to panic, and was almost about to throw up. He said “Set”, my leg started to shake even more, then he said go I started to sprint. To be honest my plan was to sprint all the way to the black gate then stop. I know that most of yous would’ve did the same as well.

It was so Awesome to see all the whanau, the parent and also seeing the spark helpers to come and support our cross country. As I was running all I could see was teachers and helpers supporting every student to “Never Give up”. As they said told me to never give up I tried to keep running till I get to the finish line. I nearly got to the finish line, So I kept running until I finish the race. I was so proud of myself because I completed the race, and that was one of the things I tried to do, from the start.

So there you have, this was the highlight of PES Cross country. Here is a advice about not wagging school just because you either have cross country or athletics. Here is another tip for you, and that is to NEVER GIVE UP!

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