Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Wild Adventure

One beautiful sunny day Max and his friend Annie walking to school. Max and Annie were partners for their project about caves. As they got to class, their teacher asked both of them “have you both finished you project yet”? Annie replied and said “ no”. Mrs Berry said “ you have until next week to finish your project”. As they both looked at each other with a scared face feeling nervous that they haven’t figured anything out yet. It was almost time for morning tea. The bell rang they both ate their lunch, they had free period. So they were working something out for them project.

So they Annie was thirsty and they both went walking to the shops, as they went to the shop Max looked back and saw a cave across the road, but Annie came out of the shop she had saw him walking the cave, and she shouted and said “Max wait up”. As they both the caves they felt excited but at the same time they were scared because it was too long and too dark. So Annie said “ I’m too scared can we come back tomorrow”. Max replied “ okay”. As they ran back to school walking to class 19 for there maths. Max looked at Annie, he thought that she would’ve been happy but then as he looked at her, she looked scared. The next day Annie got her torch ready to inside the scary and dangerous cave.

Furthermore they were waiting for some Students to walk past them, so that they could walk to the cave. Annie thought this was are Adventure, so they both agreed that this was are adventure just to the cave. As they got to the cave they didn't know that their was a sign, and it said Please be careful. So they got their torched out and started walking. As they both making sure that the other person was safe, they were almost up to the end of the cave. But as they turned back, Suddenly out of nowhere a giant waterman came out of the water and trying to get Max and Annie. As max and Annie started running out the cave, they couldn’t remember where to go because there had been lots of ways to get out but some of them was the way to get to school. So all they remembered was that they go straight ahead and that was it. Moreover all the waterman wanted to do was to keep everybody off of his secret and dangerous cave. So then they never stopped running until they got to school, and told Mrs berry that had have a project done.

But as Annie was scared that they have no proof that they have a project to do. But Max told her that he had videoed it. So Annie felt relieved that he had videoed it all. So then they got to class and told Mrs Berry that they had made a project about caves. And so Max showed Mrs berry the video. And Mrs Berry gave Annie and Max had past their project.

Image Attribution. By Doug Knuth from Woodstock, IL (Son Doong-47) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Behind the door

“Jackie hurry up you are almost late for school”. Jackie woke up his brother Henry, telling him to hurry and get ready for school. Jackie and Henry dashed to their uniforms getting dressed. As they both were running to school, they stopped and saw a scary house, but they both were too scared to check it out. So Jackie said to Henry “ Shall he check it out straight after school”. Henry responded back to Jackie “ Okay”.

Furthermore It was time for morning tea, they both were sitting together and started eating their morning tea. Jackie’s next class was english, and Henry’s next class was science. Henry loved science so he was super pumped about science. But on the other hand Jackie is not really good at english so that pumped about english, It was almost time for lunch. So they both planned to meet at Jackie’s locker and then will get ready to check the scary and haunted house. So henry had a torch in his bag, opened his bag up and got the torch out of his bag. Jackie slightly opened the door and went inside first.

Moreover Henry was too scared to go inside he knew that this house was haunted, but Jackie didn’t know it was haunted. Henry told Jackie that this house was haunted but Jackie didn’t believe him. And said “ I don’t believe you”. Suddenly they were both locked inside the house. And henry said “ Now do you believe me”. And so they both look at each other and screamed for help. It was nearly midnight and they were both still stucked in the haunted house. Jackie and Henry’s parents were worried about them because school was already over but they haven’t came home yet. So their mum called the cops and asked them if they could find my two kids Henry and Jackie.

Jackie and Henry’s big sister was walking outside, as she was walking outside she could hear Jackie’s voice from a long distance.As she saw the haunted house, that was when she knew where they were. And dashed to the haunted house. As she got there she didn’t know what to do, so she kicked the window and Jackie and Henry was now safe, thanks to their sister. So they ran back home and told their mum and dad to call the cops again and tell them that they are okay now.  

And so they never went back to the haunted house again, and they have to get dropped off and picked up from school everyday. And so nothing happened to them ever since the accident.

Image Attribution. By Dennis Brown (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons