Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Wild Adventure

One beautiful sunny day Max and his friend Annie walking to school. Max and Annie were partners for their project about caves. As they got to class, their teacher asked both of them “have you both finished you project yet”? Annie replied and said “ no”. Mrs Berry said “ you have until next week to finish your project”. As they both looked at each other with a scared face feeling nervous that they haven’t figured anything out yet. It was almost time for morning tea. The bell rang they both ate their lunch, they had free period. So they were working something out for them project.

So they Annie was thirsty and they both went walking to the shops, as they went to the shop Max looked back and saw a cave across the road, but Annie came out of the shop she had saw him walking the cave, and she shouted and said “Max wait up”. As they both the caves they felt excited but at the same time they were scared because it was too long and too dark. So Annie said “ I’m too scared can we come back tomorrow”. Max replied “ okay”. As they ran back to school walking to class 19 for there maths. Max looked at Annie, he thought that she would’ve been happy but then as he looked at her, she looked scared. The next day Annie got her torch ready to inside the scary and dangerous cave.

Furthermore they were waiting for some Students to walk past them, so that they could walk to the cave. Annie thought this was are Adventure, so they both agreed that this was are adventure just to the cave. As they got to the cave they didn't know that their was a sign, and it said Please be careful. So they got their torched out and started walking. As they both making sure that the other person was safe, they were almost up to the end of the cave. But as they turned back, Suddenly out of nowhere a giant waterman came out of the water and trying to get Max and Annie. As max and Annie started running out the cave, they couldn’t remember where to go because there had been lots of ways to get out but some of them was the way to get to school. So all they remembered was that they go straight ahead and that was it. Moreover all the waterman wanted to do was to keep everybody off of his secret and dangerous cave. So then they never stopped running until they got to school, and told Mrs berry that had have a project done.

But as Annie was scared that they have no proof that they have a project to do. But Max told her that he had videoed it. So Annie felt relieved that he had videoed it all. So then they got to class and told Mrs Berry that they had made a project about caves. And so Max showed Mrs berry the video. And Mrs Berry gave Annie and Max had past their project.

Image Attribution. By Doug Knuth from Woodstock, IL (Son Doong-47) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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  3. Hi There, My name is Ezekiel and I am a student in Rm 14 At May Road School, I really like your post about your Story about an Adventure. This reminds me when me and My cousins pretended that we are like wild explorers and we explored the cave at a beach.Have you thought about rereading your story out loud to make sure it makes sense. If you would like to see my learning, My blog is

  4. Malo e lelei Samoa!

    I'm Mark, a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey you signed up for at the end of term! I was just looking through the blogs and came across this awesome story! WOW! I was so surprised, you really had me on the edge of my seat! You know, there are opportunities to write some stories for the SLJ as well.

    There are actually a bunch of different activities and they are all quite interesting. Maybe you don't remember, but the Summer Leaning Journey these holidays is all about travel and learning about other cultures. There are lots of people doing it, including some of your classmates, and even some travelers and even some locals from some of the learning countries commenting too. I hope you join in soon, because there is lots to do, but also because you can choose which activities you can do and when! The main reason I hope you join is because I hope I can read more exciting stories from you! Seriously.

    Even if you don't join, I hope you try to do something like reading or writing during the holidays to keep your learning from last year sharp. It will help you hit the ground running when school starts.

    Kia kaha!