Friday, 4 August 2017

Speech: Should Pt England school have a college

   Should Pt England School have a college?

so my topic for today is Should Pt England School have a college?

There are many reason’s why I think Pt England School should have a college. I will be talking to you about my reasons of why Pt England school should have a college! You are probably wondering why Pt England School doesn’t have a college? Well I have 3 important points to show you that we should have a college?

I personally think that in the future we should have a college. Why?

My first reason is because students who are heading off, don’t need to apply for a scholarship to other colleges. They can just stay here, and wouldn’t worry about meeting new teachers. They can just get along with teachers that they already know. See no big deal! If I had to pick what college I would go to, I would most likely attend this college.

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  1. Malo Samoa. You did very well in class this week - presenting your speech. I can tell by reading this and remembering what you shared you added in more detail when you presented. A very good skill to develop. Your topic is interesting! It would be an idea to ask how many other Pt England may feel this way too. You provide some sensible reasons for students staying in one place through to college years. Keep up the good work Samoa - saipe!