Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Achieving your personal best!

How would you Achieve your personal best? Or have your already achieved your personal best during school on athletics day? If you have no idea on how to achieve your personal best then follow my steps on how to achieve your personal best!

On Athletics day we have events like Shot Put, Javelin, High Jump, Discus, Relay and Sprints. Whatever activity you're not best at you should always try your best. There are heaps of activity you’re really good at, but your shout always train for the things you’re not best at.

Another way to achieve your personal best is to always stay calm in whatever event you’re in. If you don’t make it into the top 4, you shouldn’t always be sad, you should always keep your head high and always end with a smile. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what you come in these events, at least you tried your best!

Another to way to Achieve your personal best is to find somebody that you inspire. Once you have found somebody that you inspire, then always follow their example. It is always good to follow that person you inspire, because it would help you to achieve your personal best!. Well who do I inspire? Well my mother inspires me because she would always tell me to try my best even if I don't make it. So who do you Inspire?

So there you have it, follow my three steps then maybe one day you will achieve your personal best. What activity do I like on Athletics day? Well my favourite event on Athletics day is sprints because it will help me to achieve my personal best by running as fast as I could?

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