Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Here I come Term 2

Who is excited for Term 2, to begin? I will be talking to you readers about our Immersion assembly and, what our Term focus is for Term 2. The theme for term 2 is, Now that's thinking! Every team has a something they will need to focus for a Term. And we also make animated movie about our Term focus. I will also be talking to you about What I would like to achieve for term 2. If your really enjoying our theme which is, Now that's thinking, then come along and read more about my amazing writing I am about to talk to you about.

As we all got to the hall, I was getting to pumped to see what Team 5's focus is for this term. As we all sat down, did the mihi and karakia. As Mr Burt was talking to us about technology, and talking to us about the old wireless and connections. Mr Burt was also talking to us about, what chrome book was invented and the first chrome book Pt England School was given. 

Furthermore, What I would like to achieve is too focus on my work and get better at finishing off my work. What I also like to achieve is too get better at playing netball. And the last thing, I would like to achieve for my goals are too Listen to the teachers introduction. Now that's thinking! Am I right guys! 

One of the old chrome book were, prod casting, Wireless connections, Samsung netbooks, then we upgraded to a, Acer C7, Acer C730, But their is other which I cannot remember. So Team 5 are learning about, How to build things between Pt England School.  Team 5, which is the year 7 & 8 block, are learning about how we could make our block tidier, by putting our bag on the selves.   

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