Friday, 26 May 2017

The Day the year 7's were alone

Three days without the year 8's! You might wonder where the year 8's are? Well the year 8's have gone to their year 8 leadership camp, for three days. So that means only the year 7's are at school, with Mrs Iloa, Mrs Judd, Whaea kelly, Mr Slade and Mose. The year 7's had to step up and be the leaders, which is pretty cool. For the last three days we got to do all kinds of fun activities, like Games, spot prizes, cooking truffles and also Art. 

We got spilt into our Tahi, Rua and Toru group, I'm in the Rua group. Our first thing we had to do was to have a group Leader, Group name and also group chant. I was one of the student who got picked to be a girl leader. And Javan was also picked to be a boy leader. Then we had to come up a group name. Our group name was called CHURRY! Furthermore we also had to come up with a chant. The rest of the groups were called then Munchies and also the Fobalicious. 

Our first activity was cooking Truffles, with Whaea Kelly. If you don't know what truffles are, well they are small little balls covered with coconut. The ingredient was needed were, biscuit, Condensed Milk, 1/4 cup of coca, 3/4 cup of choc chip and the last ingredient was coconut. We had to make them into balls, then cover it with coconut and put them in the refrigerator for over night. 

On the next day our second activity was art, with Mr Slade, and Miss Wharrel. We had to get it into groups design and quote and drawing. So my group was Javan and Faioso. We designed a quote which is, " Not Everyones perfect. Then our last activity was the intense game, with Mrs Judd and Mose. Our first game was trying to make a tower with a spaghetti and Marchmallow, then the cup game and that was the end of our activity. 

And sadly today is our last day before the year 8's are back. After our school assembly each group were playing the cup game. unfortunately we came second and the Munchies came first. then the teachers were next, And fortunately we won, thanks to Mrs Judd and Mose. 

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