Thursday, 23 June 2016

Tongan warrior - Narrative/story

A long long time ago in Tonga, there was newborn baby who grew to become a strong young warrior. He had been raised by his parents. His father decided to name him Sione after himself. He lived in a beautiful village named Nuku’alofa. Before Sione's father died, he had made him a powerful weapon.

As Sione grew, the leader from the other side decided to kill Sione so that he could get the powerful weapon that Sione’s dad made. Sione knew that enemies wanted him gone. So Sione practiced and practiced every day, so that he would be prepared for battle.

As years went by Sione became a strong leader. But the day soon came when Sione knew he was in danger. The enemy wanted to fight his village for his weapon. The leader from the other side shouted "where is Sione?" So he bravely came outside and said “I am Sione”.

Next Sione grabbed his weapon and began to fight. As they were both fighting Sione felt furious, so then he knifed him the the middle of his stomach and so then all the enemy ran away because they felt terrified.

Finally, Sione looked up the sky and said “Thank you, Thank you for helping me!" The village was now safe and peaceful. Sione was a hero.

As you can see in Extension the Yr 5&6 had created a warrior artwork and i also created a narrative that goes with my warrior. 

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