Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Real life heroes. Two girls helping out Samoa:

  Kelsi and Aleisha helping Schools in Samoa

Have you ever been to Samoa? Well I haven’t, but There are two girls who had been helping schools in Samoa. There names are Kelsi and Aleisha. they are also a year 12 student at feilding high school. They had a holiday to Samoa, after they had arrived back to New Zealand they had realized that they should help Samoan Schools. So Kelsi and Aleisha got busy with their Pens and books. So I am going to tell you how they are a hero.

So Kelsi and Alisha wrote letters to all the primary school’s in felding. And so they had been collecting gears, like old computers and books like old school journey and also sports equipment. The mum was also a teacher at feilding high school, and she had access to all the books that they have not been using. And also Aleisha’s little sister was also helping them as well.

Well Aleisha said that, the reason why they are helping Samoa is because in Samoa, in schools the only thing they pay is their Teachers. So that means the books and the pencils they have they have to fundraise themselves to get more equipment. They went to office max which had plenty of spare things, like books and papers. They had spent two days on sorting things out.

Furthermore Aleisha and Kelsi didn’t know how to send it to Samoa. So they were trying to find a way to ship the stuff to Samoa. One of the air force member was really happy that Kelsi and Aleisha had put these things together for Samoa to use. And now all of the equipment has arrived to Samoa. So now they have Books, Sports gear and old computers. They also have selves to put books on. It was worth 75 thousand all because of Aleisha and Kelsi.

And now after they had finished providing equipment to Samoa, they now say that they are back to messing around.  These are two smart girls who didn’t walk away from this situation. And so that was how they became a hero.

WALT: explain why someone may be considered a hero in real life. 
As you can see i have wrote about 2 high school girls who had helped school's in Samoa. 
Here is the link to the video:

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