Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Will he save her

Mary Jane was working as a Lawyer, in New York City. One Beautiful sunny day she had got a call from her boss saying that she had to go to court. Then she was walking back from work. When she got home she went straight to bed. While she was sleeping she could hear a strange noise from outside her door, so she dashed to the door to check if anyone was their.

So then Mary Jane called peter, Peter is her best friend, So then mary Jane asked if he could meet her.As she turned around a evil man, called dracula Sprayed her, and then she fell down. Furthermore the evil dracula dragged mary up top the building. When peter got to mary jane’s door he knocked on the door but no one opened the door.

Peter was waiting outside the door for hour, Peter didn’t know what to do so then he just left. After all that drama mary jane left the past behind. And she wanted to carry on with her life, and also she was working so hard for 4 years she became a professional lawyer.

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