Thursday, 9 June 2016

My Avengers Assemble

Pow! Boom! In 2 years…. Time will run out. There was a evil villain named Loki, He lived in the United Kingdom. He was a bad evil villain he wished he could take over the world. So had an idea that will make him take over the world. Loki had a brother and his name was Thor. Thor was way different to Loki so Thor was way different person compared to Loki. See you know Thor is a good person and Loki is a evil person. (which you should already know)

Furthermore Loki and Thor were getting ready to go to bed. Once they were sleeping the lightning struck and gave them powers so they both were strong and they both got an ability to be invisible. As they got struck by lightning their heart was pounding super fast as the lightning struck them. As Thor woke up he felt so shiftless it felt like he was going to faint. Moreover Thor felt furious he wanted to fight with his own brother Loki so he got his weapons ready to go. So he went to Loki’s house. As he got there he was creeping through his house trying to look for loki.

As Loki was having his sleep he went to the kitchen to make a poison drink for Loki to drink. He woke his brother up. he said his brother woke up and saw him and the drink he held. “Oh brother thanks for the drink” he slowly drank it and immediately fell to the ground. Thor now was known as a murder,the only murder in the Avengers team. The mystery of Loki still goes on but Thor would never tell anybody
To be continued…

Walt: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)

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