Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Year 5 & 6 Camp Recount.

Last week we started our Year 5 & 6 camp. I got the opportunity to be leader for one of the camp groups. And with me was Ajani he was a leader as well. We started our camp on Tuesday the 22nd of March. We all had to meet in the hall so that our Principal, Mr Burt can talk to us.

Our first activity was Top town but Mr Jacobsen calls it Killing zone. We had to verse another group and they were the Kind’ a Krazy. If you didn't know what it is well it has a lot of obstacles courses. The first thing we had to do was to Take 3 trays and we had a packet of balloons, and we had to fill them up, then put them in the trays. Then we started to play and we tried to keep dry. And when all of our Water balloons were finished then we had to stop and sit down. The next thing was to use the skinny planks to get across the other side. Next was to go under the taou Pollen and that was no problem. Then Next was the slingshot and it went really well. Then we moved on the the gumboots challenge. We had to throw the gumboots to the same targets we used for the slingshot. And last but not least we had to get as much water from the bucket to the other, By using a sponge. Once we were finished we had to sit back down on the grass.

And it was a tie Between Kindonators and Kind'a Krazys. When then had to line up behind the two leaders. Then we moved on to our next Rotation.

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