Monday, 19 September 2016

My Narrative Writing

As she woke up, feeling excited about going camping with his friends like Paige and Ana and the rest of her friends, Even her best friend Sabrina. Until the next day when Emma and her friends went to Lake Tahoe. As her dashed to his parent saying goodbye, then Sprinting to Sabrina, with her bags ready to go to Lake Tahoe. As her had a long drive with all his friends, feeling tired but also super pumped at the same time. As they all sing the wheels on the bus, they start to get tired because they didn’t know that it wasn’t going to be that long. It was almost afternoon but they finally got to Lake Tahoe. They got to choose who they could sleep with so Paige and Ana went together and then Emma and Sabrina went together.

They all got their papers to see what they are going to do first Paige, Ana, Sabrina and Emma was in a group and their first activity was the Kayaking, then Paige, Ana and Sabrina was so excited because that was their favourite thing to do. But Emma didn’t like kayaking because she didn’t know what to do and how to kayak. So they got ready to kayak, and got their clothes ready and their water bottle and swimming togs. As they walked out to the kayaks, Emma said to Sabrina “ I don’t know how to kayak”. And Sabrina respond back to Sabrina and said “ it Alright because I could help you”. So Emma just had a go and she was panicking, but then as she got it, she started to get it and liked it, and so Paige, Ana and Sabrina went left, but Emma went right and didn’t know where she was going.

Furthermore she thought that her friends were following her but, as she slightly turned her body around no one was at the back of her. So she was so scared because she didn’t know where to go. As she tried to turn around she didn’t know that their was a tree that was cut. So as she made her turned she had got stucked because of the tree. So she was screaming and screaming as loud as she could. But luckily Sabrina came looking for Emma, and she found her from a long distance. Sabrina Replied “ Emma where are you”. She Responded and said “SABRINA, SABRINA i’m over here”. So Sabrina Dashed forward and saw her. And Sabrina was a hero and saw Emma and found her.

So they both were relieved that they found each other, and that Sabrina found Emma. So Emma said to Sabrina “ Thank you so much”. As they both were walking back to their tents, and still didn’t want to go back because they didn’t want to ruin the trip. So they skipped Kayaking and did something else like climbing to the mountain. And they had got a full water bottle and was so ready to walk to the top of the mountain. So then it was almost midnight and ran back to the tents ready for the next day. So they went back home the next day, and Emma went to a course about how to kayak better.

We have been Practising on how to write a Narrative writing about Kayaking. So we had plan our own Narrative about kayaking, and I have written a writing about a girl named Emma who doesn't like to Kayak but she gets trapped by a tree. Hope you enjoy my writing.

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