Friday, 4 November 2016

Chips Experiment

We had to do the chips experiment. There were two sorts of different chips, which was regular potato chips, and unsalted potato chips. The boys had the regular potato chips, and the girls had unsalted potato chips. First we had to read the instructions, the first step was to crush the chips with a rolling pin, unfortunately we had no rolling pin so we had to crush the chips inside the paper. We had to cover it with the grease proof paper. 

Then had to leave the crushed chips on the paper for another two minutes. After the two minutes had finished we had to shake the chips off the graph paper. Next we used a pencil to draw around, the oil stain that the chips have left on the graph. If you hold the paper up against the window to let the light through. We then had to compare the unsalted potato chips, and the regular potato chips, to see the size of the two stains. 


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  2. Hi there, my name is Nafisa and I am student in Room 4 at Wesley primary school. It looks like that you enjoyed your experiment. It made me think of the time when I had the same experience as you.
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