Monday, 29 August 2016

Technology as a Performance Enhancing Drug

So here I will be writing about Performance-Enhancing Drugs. Technology can be considered cheating in the Rio Olympics 2016, because it is not fair on the Other Athletes. Why is Technology is very similar to Performance-Enhancing Drugs?
Well Technology is very similar to Performance-Enhancing drugs because way back in the days in the Olympics Athletes had never used technology, but then now Athletes do use technology to see what can make them faster and how to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal. So that gives them adventures to other athletes that do not use Technology to compete in the Rio Olympics for 2016. Technology and Performance-Enhancing drugs use to have it at the beginning of the Olympics. Well for an example athletes that are doing sprinting, well the kind of shoes they wear, they have spikes underneath to help athletes to run faster and it may help them to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal.
Furthermore why is technology allowed in the olympics but performance-enhancing drugs is not? Well the reason why I think technology should be banned is because it is  very very similar to performance-enhancing drugs. Technology helps athletes to become faster than what they actually are, but technology can also help athletes by beating the world records. So why isn’t performance-drugs allowed in the olympics when it’s similar to technology.
Moreover Technology can be seen as cheating because it’s is very similar performance-enhancing drugs but it is way different because performance enhancing - drugs can do something to your body, and it will not be good because that is the reason why they want performance-enhancing drugs in the Olympics. But technology only helps the outside of your body and how you can do your movement.
Walt: write an effective explanation about why technology can be considered a performance-enhancing drug

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