Friday, 17 March 2017

Who is your role model?

Hang on a minute don’t scroll down yet. As you can see from my title, I will be explaining to yous about who my role model is, and why I have picked that person to be my role model. I will also be talking to you about why that person is so important to me, I will be talking to yous about why this person had care for me. I will be explaining to yous about how they could care and love me for who I am. And what that person has told me to do, which is to Respect others and care of others.

My role model is my mum, because throughout the life she has taught me to care about other people, she has looked after me my whole life. Whenever their is a special event happening for me or if I am in it, she will take her time off work and drop me off their. That makes me think that she cares about me, but she also loves me. So what I do I always make her a cup of tea, but not only that I also clean the house. The reason why I have picked my mum is because she has raised me to love other people, and to respect other people by always saying nice things to people, along with that she has taught me to always look after other people. She has always told me to always look after grandparents when she is at work, or while she is busy.

She has also taught me to always do my home work when I am at home. By giving me space to to focus, because she wants to be smart and also be a brave girl. But the most important thing she wants me to achieve is to be a smart girl and also being a netball player. So that is what I am going to try to achieve. My mum is caring, thoughtful, she is a loving person, by looking after her parents and also having to feed all of us. So that means she is showing us how she loves her whole family.

The most important reason I have picked my mum as my role model, is because she is a loving person, she cares about me and my family. And also the thing that is so special about my mum is that she is a hard worker, but not only that she is a intelligent women. She is a wonderful lady.

So what I have just talked about was how my mother is a wonderful lady. And how she is an amazing lady. So who is your role model?

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