Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Fun Weekend

Hang on a minute don’t scroll down yet. Isn’t Weekends the best, because you get to spend time with family and friend. If you’re feeling like you would like to read more well then come along and read more about having a fun  weekend. then I will be explaining what a fun weekend you could do, if you feel like you're not having a good weekend. Well wait until I explain to you 3 different places you would like to go.

Have you been to Rainbows Ends before? Well I will be explaining to you how and why Rainbows Ends is Awesome! Rainbows Ends is a theme park. It has heaps and fun activities. Rainbows Ends  is one of my favourite event to go to. I recently just went to Rainbow Ends, and guess what it was super fun it had some scary rides but at the same time it was enjoyable. One of my favourite rides are, the Stratosfear. If you are wondering what that is, It is one of the scary rides. You get to have are option, One It is just going left and right. But the extreme one is when it spins you around and then is sometimes hangs you upside down. It very cool if you go at night time, because you could the beautiful views.

Do you know what is also a fun weekend, Going to the beach. Hmm beach, is one of the perfect time to go to the beach when it is summer or when you feel like you you just want to go for a swim. Why else do you think going to the beach is awesome? Well I will be explaining to you why is going to the beach is cool and why it is so relaxing. One of the reason’s I like to hang out at the beach is because me and my family come together, and we get to spend time with each other. And the most important thing we go to the beach is to have fun.

And the last fun weekend you could do, well is hanging out with friend’s and families. Why not? Hanging with friend’s and families are cool. Because you can go out with your friend’s and families to eat or also to play bowling or just go shopping. You could go with your friends to the movies, and you could go with your families to a special occasion to celebrate someone's birthday. Why is it fun to hang out with your friends and family’s? Because you could talk about things like what are you going to give me for my birthday, or maybe talk about school work. What could you do on the weekend’s?

So here I have talked about some of the fun weekend’s you could do while you are bored, or just sitting down and doing nothing. I have also talked you’s about 3 fun thing you could do in the weekends with your friend’s and family's or without you friends and family's. I have just talk to you about Rainbows End's, Going to the beach and also Hanging out with your friend’s and families.

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