Friday, 17 March 2017

poly Delicious

Have you participated in Polyfest? If you haven’t, then you may like to join polyfest next year. I will be talking to you about why belonging to polyfest is so important. And why your culture is so important to families and friends, So that is what I will be talking to you about. I am also going to be explaining to you what we did yesterday and why we had to go polyfest. I will be chatting to you about what was my favorite highlight on that day, and what was my favorite performances on that day. But not only that, I will be writing about how much fun I had at the ASB polyfest for 2017.

Yesterday team 5 went on a fun trip to the ASB polyfest, We had so much fun. We didn’t go their to just have fun, we also went their to learn about what was the important for cultures and families to see their kids performing and how they are proud to be a Tongan, or a Samoan and all of cultures. The groups that had performed yesterday, were Diversity and Maori. We had to get spilt into groups, my group was with Mrs Tele’a. Did you know that we had a wonderful women, whose birthday was yesterday, and it was Mrs Tele’a. My first highlight of the polyfest was getting to know how student’s who performs, be stable while they are performing. And how students can know more about their cultures and how it is important to their family.

My second highlight was watching the maori stages and how they go straight to their hakas, then smiling and doing their action songs. My favorite performances from the maori stage was the kaipara college. The reason why Kaipara college was my favorite performance was because, they are really focused with where their actions are, and how they can move together as a group. And their voices were terrific. I was so speechless, with how they can control themselves and how they can remember their actions. That makes me wonder if they would ever get sick of it, because how they make a mistake and then do it over and over again. Maybe one day I would like to be that.

My lucky last highlight was having fun with my friends and with team 5. It was so fun walking around the polyfest, and seeing performances that look amazing. My favorite part was going to the pacific proud because they are talking to us about how you could show respect to other people and about faith and love, and my favorite one was the language. Because it was telling us about how you are proud to be a islander. And how you could respect it.

I also enjoyed the delicious food that Mrs tele’a has brought for us. So what I have just explained to yous was about why it is so important to families and student to perform and to know more about their culture. In many ways. And what was my three highlight at the ASB polyfest for 2017. So here is a question to you. Would you take this opportunity to join the Polyfest for 2018!

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