Monday, 18 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake

Earthquake causes huge damage in Nepal  

Guess what happened in Nepal? Well in Nepal there was a huge Earthquake and lots of people died. It happened  on the 25th of april at 11:56:26. it is centered outside the capital Kathmandu. More than 5,000 people died. The Earthquake happened on anzac day. A little tiny baby got rescued and the baby was only 5 months old. The baby got found under the bricks for 22 hours. It was Healthy but it was hungry after he found. All houses and building was crushed down after the earthquake.

People are still suffering. It was a 7.9 magnitude.  There was more than 18,000 people that was injured.There was a new Earthquake in Nepal and it killed dozens of people and spread and lot of fear in Nepal. At least 37 people were killed in the quake and more than 1100 were injured.

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