Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Story about Beanstalk

A Giant BeanStalk

On Sunday afternoon there was giant that was found on the 24th of may. It happen at 1:00 PM.

Jack went home and the mum “said to go and sell the cow. then he went to sell the cow at the supermarket for some money. When they  were walking,  he met a strange man. “He said to jack, “ is that your cow you've got.  “ He said if i’ll buy it, but I don't have no money.

Then the man replied, “They will grow into a big long Beanstalk. It is only for one night said the man. Jack was so curious that he sold his cow and that he just took the beans. When he went home without money, his mum was so angry. “ she said to jack that you are a silly little boy, and she “said that the beans a useless! She throw the beans outside the window.

The next morning jack went outside, and there was a surprise for them. Outside the window there was the biggest Beanstalk in the whole world! It was so so tall that it can even reach the clouds. Then jack was very excited. “ Then he wonder what was at the top of the huge Beanstalk. “ said he will begin to climb it. He climbed and climbed but he could not reach the top. although he was tired, but he didn't stop.  

Finally, “just at some clouds, the Beanstalk stopped. Jack saw the he had reached the strange land. In the distance there was a large castle. Jack crept into the castle. He was surprised to see the big huge giant sleeping inside. Quietly, he began to explore he’s castle. Then Jack found room full of treasure inside the castle. Then “ jack said to himself, “ there is so much gold here! I will take some back with, me and my mother.Then they will no longer me poor.His bag was filled with  treasure, he even found a bird that lays golden.

When Jack was going to leave the castle the giant woke up. The giant “ said come back my gold! He was angry and he shouted as loud as Jack. As the Beanstalk fell to the ground, then he died, leaving a hole on the ground. Jack and his mother lived happily, and they were never poor again.

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