Monday, 18 May 2015

My Mothers day poem

My mum is grateful and she is the best mum ever.  
Her job is to be calm.
She likes to clean up, and going around to other places
Her favourite food is Burger King
Her favourite colour is red, green, blue, yellow
Her favourite thing to do is going to my aunt's house, and cooking for my grandpa and grandma
If my mum had time she will go shopping
She always says we are going to clean our room
My mum and I like to go shopping
She is really good at going to work everyday

The best thing about my mum is that she is beautiful like are flower

My mum is special to me because she is fun

My Mum is special

My mum is as pretty as the butterfly

She is as sweet as a flower

She is as smart a bee

She is as precious a flower

I love my mum because she loves me

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