Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why is it so important to drink water?

Sometime I wonder why it is so important to drink water? And my answer I keep on hearing in my head is to keep people healthy and alive. But I sometimes wonder that, that may not be all. Drinking Water can also keep us hydrated, it could keep your body clean and pure. I will be talking to you about, why drinking water is so important to us.

Did you know that drinking water helps you to get nearly all of the carbon dioxide out of your body. When you breath all the carbon dioxide comes out because we have been drinking water everyday. Drinking water keep your body hydrated, you could also challenge yourself to keep you body healthy by drinking 8 cups of water every single day.

Meanwhile, humans use water to clean your body like, yourself and some dirty laundry and your teeth. There are loads of things that water could keep your body healthy. It helps your body by cleaning every single part of your body. Water can also Evaporate.

Evaporate is when ice turns from liquid to water vapour. We all know that mostly everyone has been to beach. Say that you're inside the water and you finished having and you come out, But you want to be dried. The sun cleans out all of the water in you and it turns into a gas which is water vapour. If this happens to you sometimes, then you have just experienced Evaporation.

Furthermore Condensation is when the water which collect as all droplets forms small drops of water that is form onto a cold surface, when the humid air is in contact with it. The water rises higher up to the atmosphere, as it goes up it starts to cool, eventually starts to be a liquid. Later all of the molecules starts to stick together, as it starts to stick it turns into clouds. Then as the rain comes down, then that is called precipitation.

So what I have just been talking about in my paragraphs are why it is so important to drink water. Moreoever we have also been talking about Evaporation and what it means, Condensation and also Precipitation. I really hope you have enjoyed my story about drinking water everyday. So here is my question to you. Is it really important to keep healthy?

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