Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Falling plane

Falling Planes

Then they looked confused cause they were hearing things. I tooked my headphones off
and saw a white big thing. I thought it was a cloud. In my head I said why are the birds  flying away ladies looking confused. I knew something was not right then I felt a bit funny and I kept running but with my headphones off and running down the mountain.

Then I heard a loudly big noise and I definitely knew something was up.
then suddenly came a big plane. I tried to escape but I just couldn’t.     
and people running and one of the ladies came after all of us but I said   
go help other people she said no to me and don’t risk your life and she took
me to a safe place.

On a plane we saw lots of people dead and we tried really hard to keep a lots of people safe
but we just couldn't. The plane had stopped and the policies, the firemen's and ambulance
had just arrived and most of us were safe and lived as we already were living.
But we all can remember what happened and me miss the people we have lost.

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