Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Samoa's man in space

Russian Man Blasts off to Space
Byline: Wednesday 17th June 2015 or 17/06/15
A spaceman bravely walk out into the icy milkyway. His mission is to find weapons to fight with the aliens. So the Russian spaceman went to China, then he visited Auckland, his last place was Russia and he searched and searched and he finally saw a grey metal box.

He was scared to grab a stick, so he went closer and closer. Then when he looked in the Grey Metal box he saw a machine gun and bullets. So he went to Outer Space again. There were lots and lots of Aliens. Then he shot all of the them. Furthermore, He then went to Australia and he walked to see his manager and the Russian man said to him “ I did it boss. “ the boss said “ did what” so then the Russian man said” We will kill the aliens together. So the boss was happy and proud, that the boss gave him a new car. So the people that live in Australia was safe.

Then the boss “said do you want to have dinner with him, and he “said yes. So they went to a restaurant in australia, and it is called Ochre, it is very nice. They ate lot and lot of stuff they. The End.


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