Thursday, 25 June 2015

My story starter

title goofy frog:
A goofy frog went on a trip, he saw a rocket that went so fast so he wanted to have a race with the rocket, but the frog was too fast that he had no more energie, but he still ran and he keep going until he got to the finish line.

Title: lazy passenger who count shooting stars:
A lazy passenger lived in her favourite city called new york, she looked up the sky and she was counting shooting stars. When she was counting there was only 15 shooting stars. When she was looking at the stars, she said to herself “what should I wish for. So she wished to be pretty and be a pretty princess.

Title: wishes with a terrible milkmaid who doesn't grow old:
A terrible old man wished to be like an milkmaid, and never grow old. But then when he went to sleep he had a crazy dream that he wanted to be normal, but when he wished to be an milkmaid and never grow old. He wished again to be normal and grow old and never be an milkmaid.

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