Tuesday, 24 March 2015

YEAR 5 & 6 Camp

Guess what happen last week on wednesday? It was our year 5 & 6 camp! We had to put our bags at the hall by Tuesday or early in the morning on Wednesday. On the first day of camp it was sunny, and I couldn't breath. My group was called the commitments, my group teacher was Mr Somerville, he was the best! Our leaders was Judah and Talita. My tent buddy was Sabrina. Furthermore we had 6 activities and we were the first ones to do cooking. The boys was cooking corn Fritters outside, and the girls was cooking cookies for afternoon tea.

The 2nd activity the Commitment played Killzone and we played against the Matapono e. we had to fill lots of water balloons and we pretend that the ground had lots of sharks, if you step on the ground you will get bitten by the shark and die. We had to throw water balloons at the other team. After that we had to have 5 people in the ski run, and we had to get to the other side and if you were the person at the end of the ski then they had to go back and get the other person. We throw the slingshot and we have to get it up to ten. The commitment had 100 points, we got 100 point for cooperation, and teamwork.

Our 3rd activities for the Commitment was going to do kayaking and their were too boy that was helping to do the kayaking,  and their were perfect’s, there names were taniela koloa, which was my brother, paula fifta which was my buddy’s brother. And Mr burt gave us intrusions, because we have to be careful and he told us how to do the kayaking, and my first buddy was rima, then my second buddy was Sabrina.

Then on Thursday we had our big concert, and there was parents and brothers and sisters. Each of the groups were performed are dance  

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  1. Hi Samoa,
    I like your blog post.Want is your group name?