Monday, 2 March 2015

My Best Birthday ever

 My best birthday was when I turned 7 years old.

I had a  BBQ with my family and i had so much fun. Then we were eating and the food was yummy,it was at my house. My cake was from panmure, at the cheesecake shop.

after I had  burger king with my mum, brother,cousins and my auntie. And my favourite burger, drink was BBQ radio and favourite drink is raspberry, and fanta. Then we had a free burger from a Tongan girl.

Then I had a sleepover at my cousin’s house, we watched incredible and we ate popcorn and M&M. And then we had our dinner and it was pancakes and cup a tea. Then on the morning we had our breakfast and it was the same thing but it was still nice.

I had so much fun sleeping over my cousin’s house and having burger king , and having a BBQ.

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