Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Letter to the Pak n Save Manager of Glen Innes

Samoa and Kerstein
130 Point England Road
Glen Innes
Auckland 1072

19th March 2018 Monday

Dear, Manager of glen Innes Pak N Save.

Malo e lelei Manager of Glen Innes Pak N Save,

Our name are Samoa and Kerstein we are both year 8 students at Pt England School. We are very excited to be writing this letter to you. we are writing this letter to let you know that you should think about getting rid of your plastic bags. Kerstein and I have a lot of reasons on why you should get rid of plastic bag, and why we think it is bad for our environment.

Why is it bad to have plastic bags in our environment? Yes why? Well one of our first reasons on why you should consider getting rid of you plastic bags is because plastic bags do not just pollute, but they also affect our water in this land. You might have noticed that plastic bags are not heavy, but they are lightweight so they can float anywhere in the world, which is not good. These plastic can also end up in the trees, fences and also the river!

The second reason why you should get rid of plastic bags is because it is not that easy to recycle. The reason why it is not easy to recycle plastic bags is like, what we just said in our first reason, because it is not heavy but they are lightweight, so they can travel anyway in the world. You never know where the paper might end up, it could end up in the river if you don’t recycle them. Fun fact, the recycling rate for the plastic bags is around 5%.

Last but not least our last reason on why you should ban plastic bags in your store is because, plastic bags are everywhere. For an example your walking to school and you see a bunch on plastic bags, just sitting there floating everywhere. If every store in New Zealand banned plastic bags, then we think it is easier for you managers, because plastic bags are not for free, so you will have to pay for it. If you banned having plastic bags in your stores then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting plastic bags every time you run out.

It has now come to an end to our letter, we are both glad to be writing this letter to the manager of Pak n Save. Kerstein and I have enjoyed writing this letter to you. We hope that our reasons to you were clear for you to read it, and possibly considering to banning the plastic bags.

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