Friday, 9 June 2017

Basketball shelter plan

Hi today I was just working on our sketch for our basketball shelter plan first we thought of a ordinary shelter but….  We thought bigger and are trying to make a movable shelter for the weather.  For an example if it is raining you can pull it over and if it’s a beautiful day than

Back here is a bird's eye view.

Today I did a hyperstudio example drawing of the school basketball court with our design attached to it. For a design we are making a basketball shelter so while it rains students of pt england can still enjoy playing.

This is just an update about our basketball shelter. Today my group and I met with Mrs Tele’a to tell her what our group is called. And it’s call Technofreez, we also told her what we are doing and what material we need to make a basketball shelter. My group and I are very confident about our project.

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  1. Samoa I was impressed with the way your group were well organised and worked so well together. There were times when members were away but you all kept on with the same goal in mind of finishing off your prototype. I love your idea of a movable shelter for the basketball courts. That way we get to be outdoors regardless of the weather! Well done, I hope your idea and project will be shared with the school, especially those who could enable such a structure for our school!